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The purpose of this transcription is for research and reference purposes only. In no case should this script be sold or charges be made for it. EDITION NOTE: In the following script, any words in capital letters are sung as lyrics in songs. All spoken dialogue (even lines *spoken* within a song) are in normal type. All Latin lyrics from the score have been omitted from this version. (As the ...

2 Txt - Rfc Editor
For example: * The tag "en-scotland-fonipa" (English, Scottish dialect, IPA phonetic transcription) is correctly ordered because 'scotland' has a 'Prefix' of "en", while 'fonipa' has no 'Prefix' field. * The tag "sl-IT-rozaj-biske-1994" is correctly ordered: 'rozaj' lists "sl" as its sole 'Prefix'; 'biske' lists "sl-rozaj" as its sole 'Prefix'. The subtag '1994' has several prefixes, Phillips ...

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