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Japan Technology 2015

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1 Www.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp
2nd Japan-Taiwan Workshop on Plasma Life Science and Technology (JTPL 2015) June 11-13, 2015, Sendai, Japan. Registration Form (Please fill in this form and send it back by May 11 to <akama@plasma.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp>)

2 Application For Japanese Government ... - Eg.emb-japan.go.jp
9.Please make whatever additional comments you wish about the applicant's potential for graduate (or undergraduate) study in Japan and potential for becoming a responsible, effective person in your country. Additional pages may be attached, and the back page is also available.

3 Application For Japanese Government ... - Tn.emb-japan.go.jp
※(If possible, write an E-mail address where you can be contacted for periods that include the time before you come to Japan, your stay in Japan and the period after you return home.(可能な限り、渡日前~日本留学中~帰国後にわたり使い続けることが予想されるE-mailアドレスを記入すること。

4 Sample Of Paper For 30th Ists & 6th Nast
1)The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA, Sagamihara, Japan 2)Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (Received June 21st, 2015) This is the manual for how to prepare your paper for the 30th ISTS/6th NSAT Conference Digital Media/Archive and for the ISTS Issue of Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Science (JSASS) On-Line Journal.

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Kikai, Yama and Umi, Proceedings of International Symposium on Speed-up and Sustainable Technology. for Railway and Maglev Systems 2015, November 10-12, 2015, Chiba, JAPAN. November 10-12 2015, Chiba, JAPANThe International Symposium on Speed-up and Sustainable Technology for Railway and Maglev Systems ...

6 The Fifth Well Logging Symposium Of Japan - Jfes-spwla.org
- Technology & Research Center (JOGMEC-TRC) The 21st Formation Evaluation Symposium of Japan will be held at Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation - Technology & Research Center (JOGMEC-TRC), Chiba on October 13 - 14, 2015. All persons involved in oil, gas, geothermal, geo-engineering industry and scientific drillings are invited to submit abstracts of papers for presenting at …

7 Réf - Anr - Agence Nationale De La Recherche
In this research area, we shall set as our final goal the establishment of molecular technology that can lead to the creation of unique new intelligent materials, devices, and processes that are innovative as well as precise and unachievable with a mere extension of existing science and technology, which remains at a conventional molecular ...