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1 The Concrete Blonde - Michael Connelly
Auteur : Michael Connelly
Genre : Police Procedural
Detective Harry Bosch was sure he'd shot the serial killer responsible for a string of murders in LA . . . but now, a new crime makes him question his convictions.
The Dollmaker was the name of the serial killer who had stalked Los Angeles ruthlessly, leaving grisly calling cards on the faces of his female victims. Now with a single faultless shot, Detective Harry Bosch thinks he has ended the city's nightmare.

But the dead man's widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for killing the wrong man-- an accusation that rings terrifyingly true when a new victim is discovered with the Dollmaker's macabre signature.

So for the second time, Harry must hunt down a death-dealer who is very much alive, before he strikes again. It's a blood-tracked quest that will take Harry from the hard edges of the L.A. night to the last place he ever wanted to go-- the darkness of h

2 Concrete Construction - Charles Shattuck Hill
Auteur : Charles Shattuck Hill
Genre : Engineering
The first edition of this comprehensive work quickly filled the need for an in-depth handbook on concrete construction engineering and technology. Living up to the standard set by its bestselling predecessor, this second edition of the Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook covers the entire range of issues pertaining to the construction and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

3 Stuff Matters - Mark Miodownik
Auteur : Mark Miodownik
Genre : Science & Nature
New York Times Bestseller • New York Times Notable Book 2014 • Winner of the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books

“A thrilling account of the modern material world.” —Wall Street Journal

"Miodownik, a materials scientist, explains the history and science behind things such as paper, glass, chocolate, and concrete with an infectious enthusiasm."
Scientific American

Why is glass see-through? What makes elastic stretchy? Why does any material look and behave the way it does? These are the sorts of questions that renowned materials scientist Mark Miodownik constantly asks himself. Miodownik studies objects as ordinary as an envelope and as unexpected as concrete cloth, uncovering the fascinating secrets that hold together our physical world. In Stuff Matters, Miodownik explores the materi

4 Seeds Planted in Concrete - Bianca Sparacino
Auteur : Bianca Sparacino
Genre : Poetry
Through illustration and poetry, Seeds Planted In Concrete is Bianca Sparacino’s raw testament to the beauty that is found within the contrasts of life. By writing truthfully about the intricacies of both love and loss, Sparacino’s first collection of work is one that will speak to the very depths of those who read it, inspiring a will to love, and live. This collection is a manifesto of the journey every human being takes throughout their life; an assembly of words that celebrates the resilience of the human heart through stages of hurting, feeling, healing and loving. 

This special edition of Seeds Planted in Concrete includes enhanced illustrations, available for iBooks only.
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6 How Can I Forgive You? - Janis A. Spring
Auteur : Janis A. Spring
Genre : Psychology
Until now, we have been taught that forgiveness is good for us and that good people forgive. Dr. Spring, a gifted therapist and the award-winning author of After the Affair, proposes a radical, life-affirming alternative that lets us overcome the corrosive effects of hate and get on with our lives—without forgiving. She also offers a powerful and unconventional model for genuine forgiveness—one that asks as much of the offender as it does of us.

This bold and healing book offers step-by-step, concrete instructions that help us make peace with others and with ourselves, while answering such crucial questions as these:
How do I forgive someone who is unremorseful or dead?When is forgiveness cheap?What is wrong with refusing to forgive?How can the offender earn forgiveness?How do we forgive ourselves for hurting another human being?

7 ACI E4-12: Chemical Admixtures for Concrete - ACI Committee E-701
Auteur : ACI Committee E-701
Genre : Engineering
This document discusses commonly used chemical admixtures for concrete and describes the basic use of these admixtures. It is targeted at those in the concrete industry not involved in determining the specific mixture proportions of concrete or in measuring the properties of the concrete. Students, craftsmen, inspectors, and contractors may find this a valuable introduction to a complex topic. The document is not intended to be a state-of- the-art report, user’s guide, or a technical discussion of past and present research findings. More detailed information is available in ACI Committee Report 212.3R, “Chemical Admixtures for Concrete” and 212.4R, “Guide for the Use of High-Range Water- Reducing Admixtures (Superplasticizers) in Concrete.”

8 Reinforced Concrete in Autodesk Revit - Tomasz Fudala
Auteur : Tomasz Fudala
Genre : Engineering
Autodesk Revit software provides tools for modeling 3D concrete reinforcement in an advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment. This book provides insight into how to use these tools in the best way for creating complete, detailed, and accurate reinforcement designs.

9 Concrete Rose - Angie Thomas
Auteur : Angie Thomas
Genre : Culture, Places & People
International phenomenon Angie Thomas revisits Garden Heights seventeen years before the events of The Hate U Give in this searing and poignant exploration of Black boyhood and manhood.

If there’s one thing seventeen-year-old Maverick Carter knows, it’s that a real man takes care of his family. As the son of a former gang legend, Mav does that the only way he knows how: dealing for the King Lords. With this money he can help his mom, who works two jobs while his dad’s in prison.

Life’s not perfect, but with a fly girlfriend and a cousin who always has his back, Mav’s got everything under control.

Until, that is, Maverick finds out he’s a father.

Suddenly he has a baby, Seven, who depends on him for everything. But it’s not so easy to sling dope, finish school, and raise a child. So when he’s offered the chance to go straight, he

10 Some Mooted Questions in Reinforced Concrete Design - Edward Godfrey
Auteur : Edward Godfrey
Genre : Engineering
Reinforced concrete engineering has fairly leaped into prominence and apparently into full growth, but it still wears some of its swaddling-bands. Some of the garments which it borrowed from sister forms of construction in its short infancy still cling to it, and, while these were, perhaps, the best makeshifts under the circumstances, they fit badly and should be discarded. It is some of these misfits and absurdities which the writer would like to bring prominently before the Engineering Profession.

11 Concrete Underground - Moxie Mezcal
Auteur : Moxie Mezcal
Genre : Fiction & Literature
An idealistic journalist sets out to expose corruption among the city's elite and soon finds himself immersed in a conspiracy of murder, blackmail, espionage, and human trafficking. Pitted against the enigmatic CEO of one of the world's largest tech companies, he must play a deadly game threatens to unearth its players' darkest secrets.

12 Fun With Concrete - Authors of Instructables
Auteur : Authors of Instructables
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
"Fun With Concrete" examines unusual DIY projects from practical to zany, all using concrete.  Learn how to pour a countertop, make a unique guitar stand, build home exercise equipment, and create a whole host of home decorating projects.  All projects come from, are written by our creative community, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily make these yourself.  Who knew concrete could be so much fun?

13 The Interior Design Sourcebook - Thomas L. Williams
Auteur : Thomas L. Williams
Genre : Art & Architecture
Concrete that is light and translucent, fabric that responds to its environment by lighting up, tiles that can be moved from place to place at will—these are just a few of the updated entries you’ll find in The Interior Design Directory. The book is divided into four parts, opening with a section on classic, composite materials including wood and stone, brick, and ceramic, then moving on to building materials that have been refined and updated for home use from glass, concrete, and metal to rubber and tiles. The final section is devoted to sustainable materials and the environmental impact of our choices. Photographs of contemporary interiors and detailed close-ups of each material make this as visually inspiring as it is practical.

14 De lo abstracto a lo concreto Interactivo - Santos Vergara Ramírez
Auteur : Santos Vergara Ramírez
Genre : Mathematics
En este libro se aprenderá como realizar diferentes ejercicios de matemáticas para aprender de la manera más sencilla y práctica métodos como la factorización.

15 The New Law of Attraction - Viviana Grunert & Giacomo Bruno
Auteur : Viviana Grunert & Giacomo Bruno
Genre : Self-Improvement
"The N.1 Law-of-Attraction Amazon Bestseller" ★★★★★
"The Best Law-of-Attraction Book in Italy and USA" ★★★★★

The book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has sold millions of copies and has spread the concept of “law of attraction” all over the world. This idea states that if you strongly desire something, this will almost magically become true. But what about practise it?

How to plan a dream well, turning it into an objective and making it happen.
Learn to know the main differences between the law of attraction and the New Law of Attraction.
How to apply and make the most of the rule of success to really get it.

How to understand and enter the mechanism of the desire

16 Simpler Living - Jeff Davidson & Mark Victor Hansen
Auteur : Jeff Davidson & Mark Victor Hansen
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
Life moves too quickly these days, as technology, work, and personal commitments make it almost impossible to relax and enjoy life. Finding yourself stressed over the clutter in your kitchen or the mass of paper in front of your computer? Relax. This book will help. Filled with tips on how to uncomplicate your daily routine, eliminate stress at home and work, and more, this book will help you free up your time so you can once again enjoy doing the things you love. Author Jeff Davidson has compiled more than 1,500 ways that you can simplify your life.

Divided into sections for easy reference, this book will show you ways you can eliminate stress in your home, your personal life, and in your professional life. You will learn the six questions you should ask yourself before buying something new, the most efficient way to clean your pots and pans, the pay-ahead technique to get y

17 Concrete Garden Projects - Camilla Arvidsson & Malin Nilsson
Auteur : Camilla Arvidsson & Malin Nilsson
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
For gardeners and backyard do-it-yourselfers, concrete is a revelation. It's durable, weatherproof, impossible to steal, and it provides much-needed insulation for outdoor plants. Concrete weathers beautifully, softening around the edges, developing moss, and becoming more picturesque with age.

Concrete Garden Projects takes advantage of concrete's numerous assets, showcasing an inspiring array of creative options. The step-by-step instructions for dozens of easy, do-it-yourself décor ideas include containers of all shapes and sizes, elegant benches and stools, miniature ponds and birdbaths, stepping stones, a barbecue, and a fire pit. The authors use a variety of molds easily found or made, household items like bowls and baking pans, and simple wooden frames and boxes. At pennies per pound, and so simple to use—just mix with water and pour—concrete is the key to h

18 CONCRETO - Gabriel Mação
Auteur : Gabriel Mação
Genre : Poetry
'Meninos atrás da janela do ônibus me olham como astronautas no espaço entre a rua e a calçadaarrasto-me todos os dias viajando entre os cômodos da minha casa entre os órgão do meu corpo sino da candelária primeiro de março lapaglória flamengo urca Vermelhosão os muros' Avenidas, becos, pontes, ônibus, prédios, gritos, luzes, buzinas e todas as partes desse bicho chamado cidade. A vida de um cidadão que vive no subúrbio carioca, contada em poemas. Os versos nos remetem ao sentimento mais profundo do poeta que transforma a correria do dia a dia em arte.

19 Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Masonry & Stonework, 3rd edition - Editors of Creative Publishing
Auteur : Editors of Creative Publishing
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
No projects offer more aesthetic or financial satisfaction than DIY masonry and stonework projects. Homeowners can routinely save thousands of dollars in labor costs by buying and installing materials that are now readily available for routine purchase. This book includes traditional techniques for laying concrete adapted to the special needs of ordinary homeowners, but also features cutting edge materials and techniques, such as tumbled concrete pavers, acid-etching for colored concrete slabs, and important green paving options, such as rain-garden arroyos and permeable pavers. Several cutting edge projects are included, such as polished concrete countertops and stamped concrete walkways. A complete outdoor kitchen project, ideal for a patio, is also included.

20 The Carpentry Manual - TSD Training
Auteur : TSD Training
Genre : Engineering
The Carpentry Manual

This manual is intended for use as a training guide and reference text for engineers responsible for planning and executing construction. It provides techniques and procedures for frame construction, preparation and use of bills of materials, building layout, forming for concrete slabs and foundations, framing and finish carpentry, roof framing and coverings, bridge and wharf construction, and the materials used.

This course is part of our Carpentry series.

Full illustrations and diagrams included.


- Construction Drawings
- Construction Planning and Materials
- Bills of Materials
- Building Layout and Foundation
- Forms for Concrete
- Rough Framing
- Roof Systems and Coverings
- Doors and Windows
- Finish Carpentry
- Nonstandard Fixed Bridge

21 Concrete and Cocktails - Jon Bounds & Danny Smith
Auteur : Jon Bounds & Danny Smith
Genre : Essays & Memoirs
Can you drink in all of Birmingham's independent hostelries in one day? Yes of course, although it might not be sensible.

An unchained psychogeographic adventure from the editors of Dirty Bristow.

22 Not For Tourists Guide to Los Angeles 2019 - Not For Tourists
Auteur : Not For Tourists
Genre : United States
The Not For Tourists Guide to Los Angeles is the essential urban handbook that thousands of Los Angelenos rely on daily. The map-based, neighborhood-by-neighborhood guidebook divides the city into fifty-seven mapped neighborhoods and pinpoints all of the essential services and entertainment hot spots with NFT’s user-friendly icons.

Want to drive around the palm tree-peppered concrete jungle like a pro? NFT has you covered. How about sunbathing on a beach? We’ve got that, too. The nearest Hollywood club, holistic health practitioner, sports outing, or shopping destination—whatever you need—NFT puts it at your fingertips. The guide also includes:

•A foldout highway map covering all of Los Angeles
•More than 150 neighborhood and city maps
•A guide to TV and movie studio locations
•Listings for the best shopping destinations

23 Concrete Crafts - Susanna Zacke, Sania Hedengren & Anna Skoog
Auteur : Susanna Zacke, Sania Hedengren & Anna Skoog
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
Pouring concrete doesn’t have to be left to the professionals—decorate your home with concrete poured, mixed, and molded by your own two hands! Versatile, inexpensive, and easily casted, concrete is the perfect medium for crafters, tinkerers, and home improvers. Now, lifelong crafters and interior designers Susanna Zacke and Sania Hedengren reveal more than thirty of their favorite, no-fuss casting projects.

Decorate your kitchen table or outdoor patio with:
• Rhubarb leaf fruit bowls
• Clustered candleholders
• Birdbaths
• Patterned pots
• Flower vases
• Angel figurines
• And much more!

Once you get started, you won’t want to stop making trinkets and ornate arrangements for friends, family, and each room in your house. Plus, crafting with concrete is a great way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful, sunny day.<

24 Guide to Concrete - Phil Schmidt
Auteur : Phil Schmidt
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
Concrete information for long-lasting concrete projects This book is an all-new hardworking visual guide to the most popular home concrete and masonry projects, endorsed by the biggest manufacturer of concrete products in North America. Readers can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with this book, since concrete materials are one of the least expensive and long lasting of all building materials. Quikrete Guide to Concrete includes the most common home repairs, but goes a step further by offering some of the most exciting new techniques for building concrete countertops and form-cast landscaping features, as well as techniques for coloring and texturing concrete for designer finishes.

25 Working with Concrete - Rick Arnold
Auteur : Rick Arnold
Genre : Engineering
Whether you're pouring a concrete walkway or staking out the excavation for a basement foundation, doing the job right demands a thorough knowledge of concrete construction techniques. In Working with Concrete, veteran builder Rick Arnold explains everything from mix characteristics and formwork options to waterproofing details and repair procedures. You'll benefit from Arnold's years as a general contractor, framer, and foundation contractor as he offers time- and money-saving advice that comes from understanding the subject from all angles. Get the rock-solid results you're after with this comprehensive guide to building with concrete.

This book will enable you to:
prepare a site for excavation, evaluate soil conditions, lay out footings and foundation walls, use site-made and manufactured forms, install proper reinforcement in footings, walls, and flat work,

26 Foundations and Concrete Work - Editors of Fine Homebuilding
Auteur : Editors of Fine Homebuilding
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
Building a good foundation is critical to any home. Is it glamorous work? No, but it’s vital as it provides a solid structure upon which all other work rests. Written by seasoned builders from across the country, this revised edition of Foundations & Concrete Work features 15 new articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine, the most respected residential construction magazine in the country. With more than 300 on-the-job photos and drawings, this resource distills decades of hands-on, builder-tested methods and techniques and places them right into your hands. Foundations & Concrete Work, with its fresh new design and completely updated content, will secure its reputation as the most respected, widely followed how-to guide for dedicated pros and passionate amateurs.

27 Apartment Therapy Complete and Happy Home - Maxwell Ryan, Janel Laban & Melanie Acevedo
Auteur : Maxwell Ryan, Janel Laban & Melanie Acevedo
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
The most comprehensive and complete home book from Apartment Therapy, featuring every aspect of design and decorating from floor plans to paint, specific rooms to style approaches, with the goal of setting up and living well in a place you love. 

“A complete and happy home is so much more than a series of pretty rooms. Between these two covers, we’ve captured everything we’ve learned at Apartment Therapy about decorating, organizing, cleaning, and repairs, so you can make and maintain your own fabulous home.” 

—from the Introduction

Getting a room to feel right is more instinct than science. You know a great space when you see it. Apartment Therapy trains your eye with more than 75 rooms, from bedrooms to kitchens and living rooms to kids’ rooms and workspaces. Explore every detail—lighting, color palettes, flooring,

28 Allan Block Fieldstone - Allan Block
Auteur : Allan Block
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
The Allan Block Retaining Wall company has created a retaining wall system that is unique and has unlimited possibilities in style and constructibility.  This book will show you the styles as well as detailed installation tips for building with the product. Quickly see how to build retaining walls and free standing two-sided parapets all with one system.  The AB Fieldstone system is different in the fact it is a two-piece system with the look of natural stone.  The two pieces makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The product is also made from recycled materials - making it the the first Eco-Friendly mortarless concrete retaining wall system. Recycled materials allows us to create a "green" retaining wall system that is safe for the environment and is able to use post consumer materials without taking away from the quality of the blocks.

29 What's Holding You Back? - Sam Horn
Auteur : Sam Horn
Genre : Self-Improvement
You never again need feel powerless in the face of uncertainty, awkward with strangers, or helpless in new situations.With What's Holding You Back?, Sam Horn shows you the way to a solid sense of self-assurance that doesn't depend on where you are or who you're with. This is a practical, user-friendly program that is filled with techniques you can begin using immediately. In With What's Holding You Back? you will learn how to:

-Walk into a room full of strangers and turn them into friends.
- Be a self-coach rather than your own worst critic, able to turn mistakes into lessons instead of failures.
- Converse with comfort and never again worry about what to say.
- Go places alone and have fun instead of being intimidated.
- Spring free from the comparison trap.

With Sam Horn's down-to-earth advice, amusing anecdotes, and no-nonsense

30 Concrete Island - J. G. Ballard
Auteur : J. G. Ballard
Genre : Literary
On a day in April, just after three o'clock in the afternoon, Robert Maitland's car crashes over the concrete parapet of a high-speed highway onto the island below, where he is injured and, finally, trapped. What begins as an almost ludicrous predicament soon turns into horror as Maitland-a wickedly modern Robinson Crusoe-realizes that, despite evidence of other inhabitants, this doomed terrain has become a mirror of his own mind. Seeking the dark outer rim of the everyday, Ballard weaves private catastrophe into an intensely specular allegory in Concrete Island.

31 ACI CT-13: ACI Concrete Terminology - American Concrete Institute
Auteur : American Concrete Institute
Genre : Art & Architecture
The ACI Concrete Terminology is a real-time dictionary containing terms common to the concrete industry. A term may have more than one definition.

32 Your Invisible Power: Working Principles and Concrete Examples in Applied Mental Science - Genevieve Behrend
Auteur : Genevieve Behrend
Genre : Self-Improvement
"These pages have been written with purpose and hope that their suggestions may furnish you a key to open up the way to the attainment of your desires, and to explain that Fear should be entirely banished from your effort to obtain possession of the things you desire. This presupposes, of course, that your desire for possession is based upon your aspiration for greater liberty. For example, you feel that the possession of more money, lands or friends will make you happier, and your desire for possession of these things arises from a conviction that their possession will bring you liberty and happiness." So begins "Your Invisible Power: Working Principles and Concrete Examples in Applied Mental Science", a presentation of the Mental Science of Judge Thomas Troward by Genevieve Behrend.

33 Tales from the Boston College Hockey Locker Room - Tom Burke & Reid Oslin
Auteur : Tom Burke & Reid Oslin
Genre : Hockey
With five Division I national championships to its credit—most recently in 2012—the men’s hockey program at Boston College is a force to be reckoned with year after year. Tales from the Boston College Hockey Locker Room details the long and highly successful history of ice hockey at Boston College, from the informal “ice polo” competition held among students at BC’s original campus in the South End of Boston in the 1890s, to the establishment of a formal varsity ice hockey program shortly after the school relocated to its present-day home in Chestnut Hill a century ago, and on to the emergence of Boston College hockey as one of the most successful programs in all of collegiate sports. This book blends research; interviews with coaches, players, and fans of Eagles hockey; and scores of anecdotes about the high points—and a few slips that occurred along the way—in th

34 Concrete Park Volume 1: You Send Me - Tony Puryear
Auteur : Tony Puryear
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
Earth's outcasts, exiled to a distant desert planet and forgotten, will either destroy each other with gang violence or find a path to redemption that will create something entirely new. Concrete Park, a dark, sexy sci-fi saga by Tony Puryear (screenwriter of Eraser) and Erika Alexander (Living Single), is filled with unforgettable protagonists, a colorful supporting cast, redemption, romance, and nonstop action presented in an exceptional, vibrant style. Concrete Park Volume 1: You Send Me collects the critically acclaimed graphic novel from the pages of Dark Horse Presents into a "director's cut" hardcover featuring new pages and bonus materials!

35 The Predator: The Official Movie Novelization - Christopher Golden & Mark Morris
Auteur : Christopher Golden & Mark Morris
Genre : Fiction & Literature
The official novelization of the summer blockbuster The Predator, Shane Black's new movie with a screenplay by Shane Black and Fred Dekker.

For centuries Earth has been visited by warlike creatures that stalk mankind's finest warriors. Their goals unknown, these deadly hunters kill their prey and depart as invisibly as they arrived, leaving no trace other than a trail of bodies.

When a young boy accidentally triggers the universe's most lethal Hunters' return to earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.

The Predator, Alien, and Aliens TM & © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

36 This Is a Call - Paul Brannigan
Auteur : Paul Brannigan
Genre : Music
The biography of the extraordinary career of Dave Grohl, drummer of Nirvana, front man of the Foo Fighters, based on original and exclusive interviews ("A rich history"--New York Times Book Review)
This Is a Call, the first in-depth, definitive biography of Dave Grohl, tells the epic story of a singular career that includes Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Them Crooked Vultures. Based on ten years of original, exclusive interviews with the man himself and conversations with a legion of musical associates like Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, DC punk legend Ian MacKaye, and Nevermind producer Butch Vig, this is Grohl's story. He speaks candidly and honestly about Kurt Cobain, the arguments that almost tore Nirvana apart, the feuds that threatened to derail the Foo Fighters's global success, and

37 New Aging - Matthias Hollwich & Bruce Mau Design
Auteur : Matthias Hollwich & Bruce Mau Design
Genre : Self-Improvement
Aging is a gift that we receive with life—and in New Aging, the architect Matthias Hollwich outlines smart, simple ideas to help us experience it that way.
New Aging invites us to take everything we associate with aging—the loss of freedom and vitality, the cold and sterile nursing homes, the boredom—and throw it out the window. As an architect, Matthias Hollwich is devoted to finding ways in which we can shape our living spaces and communities to make aging a graceful and fulfilling aspect of our lives. Now he has distilled his research into a collection of simple, visionary principles—brought to life with bright, colorful illustrations—that will inspire you to think creatively about how you can change your habits and environments to suit your evolving needs as you age. With advice ranging from practical design tips for mak

38 ACI 318.2M-14: Building Code Requirements for Concrete Thin Shells and Commentary - ACI Committee 318
Auteur : ACI Committee 318
Genre : Art & Architecture
This document governs the design of thin shell concrete structures, previously presented in ACI 318M-11 Chapter 19. Where required for design of thin shell concrete structures, provisions of ACI 318M are to be used to complement the provisions of this Code. Transition keys showing how the code was reorganized are provided on the ACI website on the 318 Resource Page under Topics in Concrete.

39 The Concrete Kiss - David Grace
Auteur : David Grace
Genre : Police Procedural
“Set in the modern day, this straightforward, fast-paced detective novel cages a truly twisted villain.”

“The reader is thrust into a page-turning, clever narrative that continually morphs from police procedural, thriller, courtroom drama, and gritty evaluation of a serial rapist and killer.”

“...the relentless pace allows for little introspection.”

“Grace relishes the accurate and disturbing details, providing top-quality entertainment....”

“...a relentless story.”

“Well-written, engaging and sure to keep you up.”

--- Kirkus Reviews

Homicide Detective Ned Danes discovers that an ambitious Deputy D.A. has concealed evidence of an accused murderer's innocence in order to secure a headline-grabbing conviction. Danes is warned that a smart guy would keep his mouth shut. More interested in be

40 The Complete Predator Omnibus - Nathan Archer & Sandy Schofield
Auteur : Nathan Archer & Sandy Schofield
Genre : Fiction & Literature
Collects three original Predator novels, continuing the classic franchise


New York City’s Detective Schaefer has seen it all, from domestic murders to drug-gang executions. But Schaefer’s never seen the Big Apple awash in so much blood as tonight, with flayed bodies hung like meat being cured for mealtime. When Schaefer has a close encounter with one of the murderers, he realizes he’s run into something much bigger than the police suspect. Can even the toughest cop stand up to the ultimate hunter? 

Something has fallen from the sky over the Siberian wilderness and soon decapitated human bodies are littering the surrounding area. The Russian authorities are baffled, but deep within the Pentagon, someone knows that the Predators are back. 

Deep i

41 Masonry and Concrete - Christine Beall
Auteur : Christine Beall
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
The only all-inclusive, accessible reference for all aspects of building with masonry and concrete for residential purposes - ideal for residential builders, contractors, remodelers, and other professionals Part of the Complete Construction Series, this design-it, specify-it, and build-it source aids decision-making and construction performance by illustrating and explaining the function and behavior of each material Provides problem-avoiding insights into installation, construction, storage, and cleaning techniques - filled with tables, graphs, and over 100 illustrations

42 The Concrete River - Luis J. Rodriguez
Auteur : Luis J. Rodriguez
Genre : Poetry
A mesmerizing collection of poems of urban pain and immigrant alienation, humming with a current of genuine beauty and the pulse of lifeThe Concrete River’s poems are dispatches from city corners that CNN viewers never see, that few dare visit, and that fewer still manage to escape. Rodríguez sings corridos of barrios and busted Chicanos trying to make it in L.A. and Chicago, from ballads of Watts’s broken glass to blues played alongside a tequila bottle under an elevated train. But the music also captures moments of true beauty amid the hard urban surfaces, where the cries of the ’hood “deliver sacrifices / of sound and flesh, / as a mother’s milk flows,” while love and community offer renewed hope. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Luis J. Rodríguez including rare images from the author’s personal collection. 

43 The Rose That Grew From Concrete - Sibongamandla Dlomo
Auteur : Sibongamandla Dlomo
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
About the Book

People always look at us and are intimidated by the end result, yet they do not know the process. Seeing that bright, lovely and amazing rose, few tend to be jealous and wish to be like the ROSE, yet not knowing how it grew. This book presents my real life experience and not something that I watched as they play in some American scripted movies or fictional stories. This book reveals unbelievable, sensitive and touching events that actually happened in my life and what I have been through and it is exactly what I had to go through. I do not blame anyone, not even God for that matter. I praise God for giving me such a wonderful story of my life and making me his very own ‘rose’. This book is for everyone who feels like giving up in life as there is always hope of light after every dark tunnel.

About the Author

The Author is the founder o

44 Home Tree Home - Peter N. Nelson & Gerry Hadden
Auteur : Peter N. Nelson & Gerry Hadden
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
Remember the view from atop a tree? You could survey the landscape like a monarch, escape your parents' watchful eye, and let your imagination run wild. Well, just because you've grown up, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sense of liberation a tree provides. Here is the most comprehensive guide ever to building your own castle in the air, be it a simple child's playhouse or an adult's cozy retreat with all the modern conveniences, including electricty. Peter Nelson, the nation's foremost authority on treehouses, tells you everything you need to know about designing and building the house that's right for you and your family. He gives you information on site selection (why some trees provide better homes than others), safety issues, tree care, advice on styles and materials, and other essential rules of thumb that will save time and money.
Nelson walks you through the constru

45 Meditations for Busy Moms - Sandra Drescher-Lehman
Auteur : Sandra Drescher-Lehman
Genre : Christianity
You love your kids and you're not a grouch. But you do value order and like some sense of control over your time and your environment. Author Sandra Drescher-Lehman has been a parent long enough to voice the utter exhaustion that lies beyond the glow of cherubic infants and charming toddlers.

For every frustrating moment she offers a brief meditation that will ground you in God's promises and the wisdom found in His word. Far from the trite, sugar-coated, cliché readings that leave you wondering why you're the only mom with issues, these pages are full of brutal honesty about the struggles of parenting and real wisdom for muddling through, finding joy, and embracing who God has created us to be—as mothers and as individuals. With authentic anecdotes that will leave you chuckling or nodding your head knowingly, scriptures that hit home, and brief prayers that are simple and

46 The Concrete Dragon - Thomas J. Campanella
Auteur : Thomas J. Campanella
Genre : Art & Architecture
China is the most rapidly urbanizing nation in the world, with an urban population that may well reach one billion within a generation. Over the past 25 years, surging economic growth has propelled a construction boom unlike anything the world has ever seen, radically transforming both city and countryside in its wake. The speed and scale of China's urban revolution challenges nearly all our expectations about architecture, urbanism and city planning. China's ambition to be a major player on the global stage is written on the skylines of every major city. This is a nation on the rise, and it is building for the record books.

China is now home to some of the world's tallest skyscrapers and biggest shopping malls; the longest bridges and largest airport; the most expansive theme parks and gated communities and even the world's largest skateboard park. And by 2020 China's nationa

47 The Ultimate Guide to Knife Throwing - Bobby Branton
Auteur : Bobby Branton
Genre : Sports & Outdoors
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to throw knives or tomahawks, look no further than The Ultimate Guide to Knife Throwing. This comprehensive guide is perfect for everyone from novices who have never picked up a knife to seasoned knife and tomahawk throwers looking to compete in their first tournament.

Bobby Branton has been a foremost expert in the field of knife throwing and handcrafting custom throwing knives for over thirty years and shares his expertise here with easy step-by-step directions. Branton shows readers two methods of throwing knives that are most popular with knife throwers today. He will also share his extensive knife-making experience by showing readers how to make a quality throwing knife on a budget.

In addition to improving technical skills, this guide will also give readers a brief history of the sport—covering everyone from the pi

48 Basalite Washington Artisan Flagstone Paver - Basalite Concrete Products
Auteur : Basalite Concrete Products
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
The information in this book contains specification, color and installation information about the Basalite Washington Artisan Flagstone interlocking paving stones product.

49 Concrete Chaos Book 2 - Michael-Scott Earle
Auteur : Michael-Scott Earle
Genre : Action & Adventure
Sue Zay's brand of bosozoku riding has saved the hapless citizens of Silicon Valley, but a new lead uncovers something unexpected: the terrorists have been hunting her since before Jae and his crew arrived in town.                   

When her new friends become ensnared in a trap, Sue Zay has to risk the darkest corners of Oakland to save them. Can she ride fast enough to stop the terrorists? Or will the Moto Gymkhana Queen end up road kill? Find out in Concrete Chaos Book 2!

50 Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics - Fred D. Crawshaw, Emil W. Lehmann, Byron D. Halsted & James H. Stephenson
Auteur : Fred D. Crawshaw, Emil W. Lehmann, Byron D. Halsted & James H. Stephenson
Genre : Lifestyle & Home
A reference and instruction guide to the mechanics of working the land.

The Ultimate Guide to Farm Mechanics combines three classic farming texts for the first time, compiling knowledge from the best sources published as far back as 1884. A comprehensive reference book that belongs in any farming household today, it offers an array of farm knowledge for both experts and amateurs alike.

The book is divided into three parts: the first covers general skills such as woodworking and blacksmithing, the second is dedicated to farm engines and how to run them, and the third teaches readers how to construct classic labor-saving devices such as an effective milking stool, plowing gear for a kicking mule, and a nest for egg-eating hens. Readers are taught to mend broken tools, make fertilizer and corn fodder, buy engine parts, and manage gasoline engines safely a
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