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1 After We Collided - Anna Todd
Auteur : Anna Todd
Genre : Contemporary
Book 2 of the After series—newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd's After fanfiction racked up one billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the internet's most talked-about book for yourself from the writer Cosmopolitan called “the biggest literary phenomenon of her generation.”

Tessa has everything to lose. Hardin has nothing to lose...except her. AFTER WE COLLIDED...Life will never be the same. #HESSA

After a tumultuous beginning to their relationship, Tessa and Hardin were on the path to making things work. Tessa knew Hardin could be cruel, but when a bombshell revelation is dropped about the origins of their relationship—and Hardin’s mysterious past—Tessa is beside herself.

Hardin will always be...Hardin. But is he really the deep, thoughtful guy Tessa fell madly in love with despite his angry e
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3 Brighter Than the Sun - Maya Banks
Auteur : Maya Banks
Genre : Military
Searing action and passion ignite the latest New York Times bestselling KGI novel from the author of Darkest Before Dawn.
The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business.
Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background.
Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering.
Handling jobs the U.S. government can’t...
As the last unattached member of the Kelly clan, Joe is more than ready to risk life and limb on any mission he’s assigned to, but when it comes to love, he’ll keep his distance. He’s content to watch his brothers become thoroughly domesticated. 
Zoe’s had nothing but heartbreak in her life, and she’s determined to start over wit

4 Brightest Shadow - Candice Gilmer
Auteur : Candice Gilmer
Genre : Paranormal
Werewolf wants her. She's not interested.

Mythical Knights Book 1

Werewolf David Drigan finds himself lost and rudderless after the death of his father. The man was not only a pillar of the community, but also the alpha of David's pack. 

Further complicating matters, David's now in charge of that werewolf pack without receiving his Alpha, the inherent power to rule normally transferred to the new leader. 

Now, David's family wonders if he will ever be strong enough to lead.

At a dedication ceremony for his father, David meets curvy, blonde, whip-smart Kelsey. Something about her, and her dark side, makes David's beastly desires roar to the surface unlike never before. The need to take her and protect her, if only from herself, overwhelms him.

Not that Kelsey would let him. 


5 Brighter Than the Sun - Julia Quinn
Auteur : Julia Quinn
Genre : Historical
When Charles Wycombe, the dashing and incorrigible Earl of Billington, toppled out of a tree and landed at Ellie's feet, neither suspected that such an inauspicious meeting would lead to marriage. But Charles must find a bride before his thirtieth birthday or he'll lose his fortune. And Ellie needs a husband or her father's odious fiancée will choose one for her. And so they agree to wed, even though their match appears to have been made somewhere hotter than heaven ...

Ellie never dreamed she'd marry a stranger, especially one with such a devastating combination of rakish charm and debonair wit. She tries to keep him at arm's length, at least until she discovers the man beneath the handsome surface. But Charles can be quite persuasive -- even tender -- when he puts his mind to it, and Ellie finds herself slipping under his seductive spell. And as one kiss leads to another,

6 The Best and the Brightest - David Halberstam
Auteur : David Halberstam
Genre : Military
David Halberstam’s masterpiece, the defining history of the making of the Vietnam tragedy, with a new Foreword by Senator John McCain.

"A rich, entertaining, and profound reading experience.”—The New York Times

Using portraits of America’ s flawed policy makers and accounts of the forces that drove them, The Best and the Brightest reckons magnificently with the most important abiding question of our country’ s recent history: Why did America become mired in Vietnam, and why did we lose? As the definitive single-volume answer to that question, this enthralling book has never been superseded. It is an American classic.

Praise for The Best and the Brightest

“The most comprehensive saga of how America became involved in Vietnam. . . . It is also the Iliad of the American em

7 The Brightest Stars - Anna Todd
Auteur : Anna Todd
Genre : Romance
International bestselling author Anna Todd returns with a gripping novel about a young woman's journey towards love, and the obstacles life throws up at every turn.
Karina knows the harsh realities of military life. And like anyone who has grown up around an army base, she knows the background noise that follows a soldier home from war. That's why she's forging her own quiet life in her own little house. But she hasn't turned her back on her family. She's the glue that holds them together--when her father is deployed, when her brother, Austin, has another brush with the law.
Karina knows that she has to look after herself, that she can't always fix what's broken. But when Austin's behavior worsens and her father's reactions grow more extreme, Karina feels her own edges beginning to fray. That's when she meets him--a closed book she's desperate to open.

8 The Brightest Star in the Sky - Marian Keyes
Auteur : Marian Keyes
Genre : Literary
A wry and life-affirming tale-and the Irish literary star's latest New York Times bestseller.

Marian Keyes's inimitable blend of rollicking humor, effervescent prose, and captivating stories that deal with real-life issues have won readers around the globe. Reminiscent of the blockbuster movie Love, Actually, her new novel The Brightest Star in the Sky, features seven neighbors whose lives become entangled when a sassy and prescient spirit descends on 66 Star Street to radically transform at least one person's life in the Dublin town house. With the comic appeal of Nick Hornby's novels and delicious drama akin to Jane Green, The Brightest Star in the Sky will keep readers guessing, laughing, gasping, and in tears until the very last page.

9 Girls Burn Brighter - Shobha Rao
Auteur : Shobha Rao
Genre : Literary
Best Book of the Year: The Washington Post, NPR, Shelf Awareness, Paste, LitHub, Real Simple
2018 Goodreads Choice Awards Finalist: Best Fiction
Longlisted for the 2018 Center for Fiction First Novel Prize

“Incandescent...A searing portrait of what feminism looks like in much of the world.” —Vogue

“A treat for Ferrante fans, exploring the bonds of friendship and how female ambition beats against the strictures of poverty and patriarchal societies.” —The Huffington Post

An electrifying debut novel about the extraordinary bond between two girls driven apart by circumstance but relentless in their search for one another.

Poornima and Savitha have three strikes against them: they are poor, they are ambitious, and they are girls. After her mother’s death, Poornima has ve

10 The Brightest Night - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Auteur : Jennifer L. Armentrout
Genre : Romance
#1 New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to the world of the Lux with this steamy, shocking third installment of the Origin series that will leave readers reeling.

The hardcover edition of The Brightest Night includes a bonus short story, and the first printing will be signed by the author.

He is the darkest star.
She is the burning shadow.
And together, they will bring about the brightest night.

Less than a year ago, Evelyn Dasher was a normal girl, living a safe, rather unremarkable life—a life that was a total lie. Now she’s learned the truth about who she was and what she is.

Hidden within Zone 3, she knows that if she loses control of her dangerous abilities again, she not only puts everyone in the secret community at risk, but also

11 The Brightest Light - Melissa Storm
Auteur : Melissa Storm
Genre : Romance
This quiet librarian is about to become the main character of her own real-life adventure story…

Anchorage librarian Scarlett Cole has always preferred to live out her adventures within the pages of her favorite books. That all changes when she befriends junior musher Lauren, who presents her with the opportunity of a lifetime—stop reading about the Iditarod and actually get out there to race!

With her career now on the line and only one chance to establish herself amongst the dog-sledding community, Scarlett knows she'll need to work hard and with no regrets. Unfortunately, another new racer quickly sets his sights on her, vowing to triumph at any cost… even if his techniques aren't quite above board.

When Scarlett and her new rival receive a flurry of media attention, they discover that succeeding in the race could mean losing big in life.

12 Brighter Than the Sun - Darynda Jones
Auteur : Darynda Jones
Genre : Women Sleuths
All his life, Reyes Alexander Farrow has suffered the torments of the damned. Only one thing has given him hope: the woman who radiates a light that no mortals can see; a light that only the departed can see...

Told from his point of view, BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN chronicles the first time Reyes ever encountered Charley, and how their relationship has been the one thing that can either save him or doom him.

13 The Brightest Flame in Ballymuir - Dorien Kelly
Auteur : Dorien Kelly
Genre : Contemporary
"Dorien Kelly delivers stories with sparkle and charm." Janet EvanovichWinner of the Bookseller's Best Award, Aspen Gold Award, and the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence!When Irish artist Vi Kilbride travels from her village of Ballymuir to prepare her beloved late grandmother's cottage in Duncarraig for sale, more than memories of the summers she'd spent growing up there await her. Long-ago love Liam Rafferty is back in town. Vi, who has kept her heart to herself since having it broken by Liam, finds herself drawn to him all over again. Time has spun back to that passionate summer when they'd first loved for Liam, too. But Vi and Liam are soon at odds. Liam has begun a search for Rafferty's Gold, a legendary treasure allegedly hidden by one of Vi's ancestors after her heart had been broken by a faithless Rafferty. Liam, with his high-tech search equipment, might think the ancient gold is

14 Help for the Haunted - John Searles
Auteur : John Searles
Genre : Mysteries & Thrillers
John Searles’s Help for the Haunted is an unforgettable story of a most unusual family, their deep secrets, their harrowing tragedy, and ultimately, a daughter’s discovery of a dark and unexpected mystery.

Sylvie Mason’s parents have an unusual occupation—helping “haunted souls” find peace. After receiving a strange phone call one winter’s night, they leave the house and are later murdered in an old church in a horrifying act of violence.

A year later, Sylvie is living in the care of her older sister, who may be to blame for what happened to their parents. Now, the inquisitive teenager pursues the mystery, moving closer to the knowledge of what occurred that night—and to the truth about her family’s past and the secrets that have haunted them for years.

Capturing the vivid eeriness of Stephen King’s works with the compelling quirkiness

15 Row Row Row Your Boat - BrighterMoon Productions
Auteur : BrighterMoon Productions
Genre : Nursery Rhymes
"Row Row Row Your Boat" is a magical nursery rhyme book for kids. It includes pictures, videos, and more!

Featuring Tayla from Tea Time with Tayla!

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16 Green Lantern: Brightest Day - Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke & Tom Nguyen
Auteur : Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke & Tom Nguyen
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
Exploding out of BLACKEST NIGHT comes the next exciting chapter in the Green Lantern mythos: "New Guardians"! Forced to band together during the rise of the Black Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Saint Walker, Atrocitus, Indigo-1 and Larfleeze must agree to disagree if their next mission is to succeed. But when one of the strangest beings from Green Lantern's past returns, the future of the Lanterns and the universe at large once again falls into question. Collects issues #53-62.

17 The Brightest Star - Fern Michaels
Auteur : Fern Michaels
Genre : Holiday
A special treat to warm your heart, just in time for the holidays—a sparkling new novel from New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels. . . .
Christmas is more than just a celebration for Lauren Montgomery. For generations, it’s been her family’s livelihood. Their Christmas shop, Razzle Dazzle Décor, has seen seasonal fads come and go, but there’s one trend they can’t escape. Online superstores are swallowing their sales, and this Christmas season will need to be their best ever if the store is to stay in business.
To help keep the shop afloat, Lauren also has a sideline, writing biographies for business figures. She’s thrilled when her literary agent contacts her with a new proposal—before learning that the subject will be none other than John Gerald Giompalo. He’s the titan behind,

18 Brightest Day Vol. 2 - Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Ardian Syaf & Scott Clark
Auteur : Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Ardian Syaf & Scott Clark
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
Writers Geoff Johns (BLACKEST NIGHT, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH) and Peter J. Tomasi (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) continue the biggest event in comics as BRIGHTEST DAY burns back the BLACKEST NIGHT. They are joined by artists Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason and Ardian Syaf on the follow-up to the bestselling comics event of 2009. Once dead, twelve heroes and villains were resurrected by a white light expelled deep within the center of the earth. Now, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman,Hawkgirl, Deadman, Jade, Osiris, Hawk, Captain Boomerang and Zoom must discover the mysterious reason behind their return and uncover the secret that binds them all. In this second volume, find out whether Deadman is truly destined to wield the White Lantern, and who the new Aqualad is. Plus, Firestorm’s dueling alter egos take a bizarre journey, while Martian Manhunter returns to Mars to learn about the st

19 Unshakable Hope - Max Lucado
Auteur : Max Lucado
Genre : Christianity
What feels shaky in your world? Maybe you feel hurt by the past, disappointed by the present, or worried about the future. If so, there is hope. For every problem in life, God has given you a promise.

In the New York Times bestselling book, Unshakable Hope, Max Lucado unpacks 12 of the Bible’s most significant promises, equipping you to overcome difficult circumstances by keeping your focus on the hope found in the promises of Scripture.

Whether it’s heart disease or cancer, job failure or addiction, natural disasters or family disasters, mass murders or mental illness, there are so many reasons to be overwhelmed and hope can feel hard to come by. Now more than ever, we need the definitive declarations of our mighty and loving God.

In this book, you will be reminded that God’s promises are irrevocable because:
God is unchangingGod is faith

20 Authentic Happiness - Martin E. P. Seligman
Auteur : Martin E. P. Seligman
Genre : Psychology
A national bestseller, Authentic Happiness launched the revolutionary new science of Positive Psychology—and sparked a coast-to-coast debate on the nature of real happiness.

According to esteemed psychologist and bestselling author Martin Seligman, happiness is not the result of good genes or luck. Real, lasting happiness comes from focusing on one’s personal strengths rather than weaknesses—and working with them to improve all aspects of one’s life. Using practical exercises, brief tests, and a dynamic website program, Seligman shows readers how to identify their highest virtues and use them in ways they haven’t yet considered. Accessible and proven, Authentic Happiness is the most powerful work of popular psychology in years.

21 Brightest Day Vol. 3 - Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Scott Clark, Ardian Syaf & Patrick Gleason
Auteur : Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Scott Clark, Ardian Syaf & Patrick Gleason
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
Geoff Johns (BLACKEST NIGHT, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH) joins with Peter J. Tomasi (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) to continue the biggest event in comics as BRIGHTEST DAY burns back the BLACKEST NIGHT. They are joined by artists Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason and Ardian Syaf on the follow-up to the best selling comics event of 2009. Once dead, twelve heroes and villains were resurrected by a white light expelled deep within the center of the earth. Now, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Deadman, Jade, Osiris, Hawk, Captain Boomerang and Zoom must discover the mysterious reason behind their return and uncover the secret that binds them all. In this third volume, Hawkman and Hawkgirl pay a visit to the Star Sapphires, but with the Hawks' connection to the cosmic corps, it looks like this meeting may end in bloodshed. And even more blood may be drawn as Captain Boomerang hunts dow

22 Invent A Brighter Future: How to Win at Inventing, Patenting, Marketing & Funding - Steven Overholt
Auteur : Steven Overholt
Genre : Small Business & Entrepreneurship
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Don’t be the one without it.

Invent A Brighter Future is packed with valuable excerpts from Mastering Technology Commercialization, Steve Overholt’s high-powered book on inventions, technologies, and how they are marketed and financed.

This is a great read if you want to learn just a bit more about the complex and demanding process–maybe because you aren’t yet sure if you want to pursue your great dream or perhaps because you’re pressed for time.

You get the inside scoop on: Starting a Business; Money from Angels and VCs; Patents & Trademarks; Market Research; Prototyping; Domestic & International Manufacturing; Supply Management; Sales & Marketing; Licensing; Money-saving Tips, and more.

Here’s what others have to say about Mastering Technology Commercialization, the source book for Invent A Brighter

23 The Brightest Fell - Seanan McGuire
Auteur : Seanan McGuire
Genre : Fantasy
New York Times-bestselling October Daye faerie series • Hugo Award-winning author Seanan McGuire • "Top of my urban-paranormal series list!" —Felicia Day

Contains an original bonus novella, Of Things Unknown!

Things are slow, and October “Toby” Daye couldn’t be happier about that.  The elf-shot cure has been approved, Arden Windermere is settling into her position as Queen in the Mists, and Toby doesn’t have anything demanding her attention except for wedding planning and spending time with her family.

Maybe she should have realized that it was too good to last.
When Toby’s mother, Amandine, appears on her doorstep with a demand for help, refusing her seems like the right thing to do…until Amandi

24 Jewel Society #4: Battle of the Brightest - Hope McLean
Auteur : Hope McLean
Genre : Fiction
In this riveting conclusion to the irresistible Jewel Society series, all will be surprisingly revealed!

It's the battle of the brightest as the Jewels and Rivals prepare to face-off at the National Quiz Bowl Championship. But before they can get down to studying, the Jewels must gear up to find and save the last of the special gems: the sapphire!

And even if they're successful, the Jewels will need to steal back the other stones before they can track down the ultimate treasure that Martha Washington hid all those years ago.

As more secret notes begin to appear, the Jewels become entangled in a web of clues that threaten to throw them off course. In this fast-paced conclusion to the series, it will take every bit of courage, cooperation, and wit the best friends have to unearth the secrets buried in the past--and the gauntlet of lies set down before them.

25 The Brightest Sun - Adrienne Benson
Auteur : Adrienne Benson
Genre : Literary
An illuminating debut following three women in sub-Saharan Africa as they search for home and family

Leona, an isolated American anthropologist, gives birth to a baby girl in a remote Maasai village and must decide how she can be a mother, in spite of her own grim childhood. Jane, a lonely expat wife, follows her husband to the tropics and learns just how fragile life is. Simi, a barren Maasai woman, must confront her infertility in a society in which females are valued by their reproductive roles. In this affecting debut novel, these three very different women grapple with motherhood, recalibrate their identities and confront unforeseen tragedies and triumphs.

In beautiful, evocative prose, Adrienne Benson brings to life the striking Kenyan terrain as these women’s lives intertwine in unexpected ways. As they face their own challenges and heartbreaks, they find s

26 The Brightest Embers - Jeaniene Frost
Auteur : Jeaniene Frost
Genre : Paranormal
You can run from your destiny, but you can’t hide…

Ivy thought that she and Adrian had conquered their fates. Yet with thousands of innocents still trapped in the demon realms, she’s determined to locate the final hallowed weapon and harness its unparalleled power to free them. But the last relic nearly put Ivy in the grave—there’s probably no coming back from this one.

Adrian’s dark lineage has made him the most powerful of his kind, yet even his incredible abilities might not be enough now. Instead, the treacherous fate he has fought so hard to escape might be the only way he can save Ivy. Their undeniable bond has been tested before, but never with so much on the line. Now fate will come head-to-head against true love, and nothing they’ve endured can prepare Ivy and Adrian for the unthinkable choices they’ll face…

Don’t miss the ear

27 The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Stars - Paul Broks
Auteur : Paul Broks
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
When celebrated neuropsychologist Paul Broks's wife died of cancer, it sparked a journey of grief and reflection that traced a lifelong attempt to understand how the brain gives rise to the soul. The result of that journey is a gorgeous, evocative meditation on fate, death, consciousness, and what it means to be human.
The Darker the Night, The Brighter the Stars weaves a scientist’s understanding of the mind – its logic, its nuance, how we think about what makes a person – with a poet’s approach to humanity, that crucial and ever-elusive why. It’s a story that unfolds through the centuries, along the path of humankind’s constant quest to discover what makes us human, and the answers that consistently slip out of our grasp. It’s modern medicine and psychology and ancient tales; history and myth combined; fiction and the stranger trut

28 The Brightest Stars of Summer - Leila Howland
Auteur : Leila Howland
Genre : Family & Relationships
The Silver sisters return to Cape Cod in this sequel to The Forget-Me-Not Summer, which ALA Booklist called “reminiscent of the Penderwick series” in its starred review. 

Wedding bells are ringing on the Cape! It’s summer again, and Marigold, Zinnia, and Lily are heading back to their beloved Pruet to help bride-to-be Aunt Sunny plan her big day. But cake and decorations aren’t the only items on the girls’ agenda this summer. Marigold can’t wait to escape the embarrassment of being cut from one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters—especially after she bragged to all her friends that she was in it. And Zinnie is trying her hardest to write a story good enough to gain her admittance into an elite writing program. She finds unexpected inspiration in Marigold’s heartbreak over last summer’s crush, Peter Pasque. Zinnie also meets her first boy-who-is-a-frien

29 Endgame - Frank Brady
Auteur : Frank Brady
Genre : Biographies & Memoirs
Acclaimed biographer Frank Brady traces the meteoric ascent—and confounding descent—of enigmatic chess genius Bobby Fischer.

Drawing from Fischer family archives, recently released FBI files, and Bobby’s own emails, this account is unique in that it limns Fischer’s entire life—an odyssey that took the Brooklyn-raised chess champion from an impoverished childhood to the covers of Time, Life and Newsweek to recognition as “the most famous man in the world” to notorious recluse.
At first all one noticed was how gifted Fischer was. Possessing a 181 I.Q. and remarkable powers of concentration, Bobby memorized hundreds of chess books in several languages, and he was only 13 when he became the youngest chess master in U.S. history.
Arriving back in the United States to a hero’s welcome, B

30 Itsy Bitsy Spider - BrighterMoon Productions
Auteur : BrighterMoon Productions
Genre : Nursery Rhymes
"Itsy Bitsy Spider" is a fun nursery rhyme book for kids. It includes pictures, videos, and more!

Featuring Tayla from Tea Time with Tayla!

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31 Sold Out - Michelle Malkin
Auteur : Michelle Malkin
Genre : Political Science
The #1 New York Times bestselling author and firebrand syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin sets her sights on the corrupt businessmen, politicians, and lobbyists flooding our borders and selling out America’s best and brightest workers.

In Sold Out, Michelle Malkin and John Miano name names and expose the lies of those who pretend to champion the middle class, while aiding and abetting massive layoffs of highly skilled American workers in favor of cheap foreign labor. Malkin and Miano will explode some of the most commonly told myths spread in the media like these:

Lie #1: America is suffering from an apocalyptic “shortage” of science, technology, engineering, and math workers.

Lie #2: US companies cannot function without an unlimited injection of the “highly skilled” and “highly educated” foreign workers, who offer capital

32 Brightest and Best - Olivia Newport
Auteur : Olivia Newport
Genre : Religious
The collapse of a schoolhouse puts pressure on Amish families and their long-held educational values. Ella Hilty anticipates marrying Gideon Wittner and becoming a mother to his children. In a whirling clash of values, Ella seeks the solid ground that seems to have slipped away. Margaret Simpson, an English schoolteacher, wonders if she is losing her last chance at love. As the local authorities draw lines in the sand, Margaret puts romance at risk one final time. All eyes turn to Ella to make a sacrifice and accept a challenge that can bring unity to the Amish and understanding to the English.

33 A Nation Deceived - Nicholas Colangelo, Susan G. Assouline & Miraca U. M. Gross
Auteur : Nicholas Colangelo, Susan G. Assouline & Miraca U. M. Gross
Genre : Education
A Nation Deceived highlights disparities between the research on acceleration and the educational beliefs and practices that often run contrary to the research.

34 The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven - Rick Moody
Auteur : Rick Moody
Genre : Short Stories
A spirited collection of stories revealing the extremes of the human experience from the author of The Ice Storm

In his first story collection, Rick Moody provides readers with a poignant, brazenly honest glimpse into the lives of a wide array of characters, from a paranoid husband obsessively listening in on his wife’s phone calls to the junkies and sex addicts of New York City’s underworld. Whether they’re grasping for connection or struggling to survive in a dismal and indifferent environment, these individuals’ haunting voices and the evocative worlds they inhabit make for a diverse and powerful volume.
Experimenting with form—one story is told as a term paper, another as an annotated bibliography—Moody demonstrates the vast range of his fascinations and talents, as well as his arresting command of language. Candid depictions o

35 Chasing a Brighter Blue - Gerri Hill
Auteur : Gerri Hill
Genre : Gay & Lesbian
A Christmas wedding in Colorado? A two-week celebration with family and friends? Who does that? 

Photojournalist Reagan Bryant has just returned from six month stint in Afghanistan. Haunted by the tragedy that ended her last assignment, she’s searching for some peace—something to end the guilt and chase the trauma away. Two weeks at the resort hotel owned by her future sister-in-law’s father seems like the perfect escape. 

Shelby Sutton doesn’t trust women. They always seem more interested in her father’s money than in her. But at her sister’s request, she vows to make friends with Reagan, a woman whose sad and haunted eyes are nearly impossible to ignore.

36 Road to Disaster - Brian VanDeMark
Auteur : Brian VanDeMark
Genre : Military
"The most thoughtful and judicious one-volume history of the war and the American political leaders who presided over the difficult and painful decisions that shaped this history. The book will stand for the foreseeable future as the best study of the tragic mistakes that led to so much suffering."—Robert Dallek

Many books have been written on the tragic decisions regarding Vietnam made by the young stars of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Yet despite millions of words of analysis and reflection, no historian has been able to explain why such decent, brilliant, and previously successful men stumbled so badly.

That changes with Road to Disaster. Historian Brian VanDeMark draws upon decades of archival research, his own interviews with many of those involved, and a wealth of previously unheard recordings by Robert McNamara and Clark Clifford, who served as

37 How to Raise a Brighter Child - Joan Beck
Auteur : Joan Beck
Genre : Parenting
• How much is a child capable of learning before the age of six?
• What happens to a child's brain during the preschool years when the body is growing so rapidly?
• How can working parents make sure their children are getting enough mental stimulation?
• Should parents help a youngster learn to read before he or she starts the first grade?
• How can parents safely use computers and the Internet as early learning tools?
• Is a child's intelligence level actually fixed for life by inherited genes?
You'll find the answers to these and hundreds of other vital questions in this revised and updated edition of this classic parenting guide. How to Raise a Brighter Child incorporates groundbreaking scientific findings on brain development to help you boost your child's potential f

38 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: The Brightest Star in the North - Meredith Rusu
Auteur : Meredith Rusu
Genre : Fiction
Based on the upcoming Walt Disney Studios' film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, this middle grade novel features the untold backstory of the breakout heroine, Carina Smyth. Follow Carina's adventures, as well as her passion for astronomy, as she uncovers one of the biggest mysteries of the Caribbean.

39 Brightest Day Vol. 1 - Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Francis Manapul, Ardian Syaf & Scott Clark
Auteur : Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Francis Manapul, Ardian Syaf & Scott Clark
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
The follow-up to the best-selling comics event BLACKEST NIGHT, written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi! Once dead, twelve heroes and villains have been resurrected by a white light expelled deep within the center of the earth. Called a miracle by many and a sign of the apocalypse by others, the reasons behind their rebirth remain a mystery. Now, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Deadman, Jade, Osiris, Hawk, Captain Boomerang and Zoom must discover the mysterious reason behind their return, and uncover the secret that binds them all in this first volume of a three part series. This volume collects issues #0-7.

40 Passion and Purpose - John Coleman, Daniel Gulati & W. Oliver Segovia
Auteur : John Coleman, Daniel Gulati & W. Oliver Segovia
Genre : Management & Leadership
Globalization. Sustainability. Technology. Diversity. Learning. Convergence of the public and private sectors. These are the big issues on the minds of young leaders today—the challenges they most want to, and must, pursue.

In Passion and Purpose, dozens of recent Harvard Business School MBAs share personal stories on assuming the mantle of leadership in ways unlike any previous generation. In candid accounts of their successes and setbacks—from launching start-ups to taking on the family business to helping kids in the Arabian Gulf to harnessing new technology and developing clean energy—they reveal how the next generation of ideas, aspirations, and practices are shaping business and redefining leadership around the world.

Drawing on insights from a survey of 500 students from top U.S. business schools, Passion and Purpose provides an overview o

41 Dragon Black, Dragon White: Darkest Day, Brightest Night - Macy Babineaux
Auteur : Macy Babineaux
Genre : Paranormal
A malevolent power has been unleashed upon Xandakar. The fate of the world lies in the hands of a young man and a young woman whose lives are about to change forever.

Zakarai Mossknot lives deep in the southern swamps with a family of rat shifters who steal and scavenge to survive. He's out on the boat with his Pa and his brother when the sun turns black as pitch, along with the eyes of everyone around him, transforming them into murderous monsters. So begins the longest, darkest day of Zak's life. He will have to fight for his very survival, discover who he really is, and meet a young woman who is also fleeing from the dark magic that has gripped their world. She is spoiled, selfish, and headstrong, but she is also the most beautiful, clever girl he has ever met.

Myrian Moonglow is a princess in the clan of the white dragons. She has lived her entire life in luxury

42 The Brightest Stars - connected - Anna Todd
Auteur : Anna Todd
Genre : Romance
The darkest moon will guide your way

Die leidenschaftliche und bewegende Liebesgeschichte um Karina und Kael geht weiter. Band 2 der großen Serie THE BRIGHTEST STARS.
Karina fühlt sich betrogen und enttäuscht, seit sie weiß, dass Kael sie hintergangen hat, und sie bricht den Kontakt zu ihm ab. Aber die Gedanken an Kael lassen sie einfach nicht los. Denn niemand versteht sie, wie er es tut. Niemand kann sie besänftigen, wie er es kann. Zwischen den beiden scheint ein unsichtbares Band zu existieren, das sie wie magisch zu ihm hin zieht. Als sie sich zufällig wiederbegegnen, wird Karinas Sehnsucht noch größer, und sie muss sich entscheiden: Kann sie seine Nähe zulassen, ohne sich daran zu verbrennen?

43 Smart Parenting, Smarter Kids - David Walsh
Auteur : David Walsh
Genre : Parenting
Every week new discoveries about the brain make the news, often promising parents the latest “right” way to nurture their kids’ developing brains and behavior. And every day there’s a new technology that demands your child’s attention, a new game or toy that purports to make your kid smarter, and a new snack promising to be healthy as well as tasty. How’s a busy parent to make heads or tails of all these claims? You turn to Dr. David Walsh, an expert at translating the headline-making, cutting-edge findings into practical suggestions for parenting today. In his previous bestseller, Why Do They Act That Way?, Walsh showed how to manage the difficult teenage years by understanding how the adolescent brain develops. Now he’s written a complete guide to parenting from birth through the teen years, with recommendations that will help maximize any child’s potential.

44 Genius Denied - Jan Davidson & Bob Davidson
Auteur : Jan Davidson & Bob Davidson
Genre : Education
With all the talk of failing schools these days, we forget that schools can fail their brightest students, too. We pledge to "leave no child behind," but in American schools today, thousands of gifted and talented students fall short of their potential. In Genius Denied, Jan and Bob Davidson describe the "quiet crisis" in education: gifted students spending their days in classrooms learning little beyond how to cope with boredom as they "relearn" material they've already mastered years before. This lack of challenge leads to frustration, underachievement, and even failure. Some gifted students become severely depressed. At a time when our country needs a deep intellectual talent pool, the squandering of these bright young minds is a national tragedy.
There are hundreds of thousands of highly gifted children in the U.S. and millions more whose intelligence is above average,

45 Brightest Day #14 - Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi & Ivan Reis
Auteur : Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi & Ivan Reis
Genre : Graphic Novels
Is Batman the protector of Earth that Deadman's been searching for? Find out in this action-packed issue as Deadman revisits his former life and more details behind the White Ring's intentions are revealed.

46 The Story of Purpose - Joey Reiman
Auteur : Joey Reiman
Genre : Business & Personal Finance
A proven methodology for building a purpose-powered organization
Some ideas are bigger than others, and the Master Idea—your company's purpose—is the biggest. Whether addressing communication between leadership and associates, suppliers to manufacturers, sales force to customers, or brand to consumers, The Story of Purpose details a proven methodology for businesses, small to large, how to build a purpose-inspired organization to positively impact employees, customers, and the bottom line. It reveals the process for uncovering what makes a company distinctive and guides you to discover the fundamental force behind the organization that no competitor can replicate or replace.
The Story of Purpose incorporates stories of purpose from Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Newell Rubbermaid and many more purpose-driven companies. These stories come to life i

47 A Brighter Tomorrow - Megan McDonald
Auteur : Megan McDonald
Genre : Historical
What if you suddenly found yourself in Julie’s world--sunny San Francisco in the 1970s? How would you feel with lots of changes happening at once, and what could you do to make things change for the better? Join Julie on this adventure where the two of you can challenge the boys to a basketball contest, or spend a day at the beach and rescue a baby sea otter. Your journey back in time can take whatever twists and turns you choose, as you select from a variety of exciting options in this multiple-ending story.

48 Brighter Than Imagined - Stacey Glen
Auteur : Stacey Glen
Genre : Contemporary
"And even though this woman might take away everything that ever meant anything to him, right now this moment he wanted nothing more than to lie down next to her and hold her close until the world existed no more." 
I've been trying to escape this farm for so many years. But yet here I find myself, back in the place I feared the most. And I'm not planning on facing my demons anytime soon. 
This farm is everything to me. It's the reason I get up and try again. I have no family, no reputation, no future. Without it...I have nothing. And I won't let anyone take it away from me. 
When Kim's dad starts getting ill she has no choice but to go back to the town and the farm she left behind after a horrible event changed her life. But now she's returned. And she's planning on making it her last trip. But when a stubborn Rancher refuses to give up

49 Making Sense of Autistic Spectrum Disorders - James Coplan M.D.
Auteur : James Coplan M.D.
Genre : Psychology
In this authoritative and empowering book, one of the world’s leading experts on early child development gives caregivers of children on the autistic spectrum the knowledge they need to navigate the complex maze of symptoms, diagnoses, tests, and treatment options that await them.

For more than thirty years, James Coplan, M.D., has been helping families cope with the challenges posed by autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). Each family that walks into his office, he knows, is about to begin a journey. With this book, he lays out the steps of that journey. Dr. Coplan brings you into the treatment rooms and along for the tests and evaluations, and provides the kind of practical hands-on guidance that will help you help your child with ASD through every phase of life.
At a time when ASD has become the subject of wild theories and uninformed speculation, Dr. Copla

50 The Stay Interview - Richard Finnegan
Auteur : Richard Finnegan
Genre : Industries & Professions
Of all the obstacles and surprises managers know are heading their way each day, the one they least anticipate and prepare for is the resignation of a seemingly happy and extremely valued employee. It’s the cement truck they never saw coming their way--but they could have.This invaluable resource introduces managers to a powerful new engagement and retention tool that they absolutely must begin utilizing ASAP: the stay interview. Smart companies and managers who have realized the importance of being proactive with their employees and not taking anything for granted have begun conducting these periodic reviews in order to discover why their important talent might leave and to solve any problems before they actually quit.Written by the retention expert who pioneered the process, The Stay Interview shows managers how to: • Prepare for the stay interview• Anticipate an employee's t
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