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1 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Fantasy
The tale begins when the "yankee," a skilled mechanic in a 19th century New England arms factory, is struck on the head during a quarrel, and awakens to find himself being taken as a prisoner to the Camelot of 528 A. D. With his 19th century know-how, the "yankee" sets out to modernize the Kingdom, but is opposed by a jealous court magician. Clever enough, but buried beneath Twain's humor is a serious social satire.

2 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Romans et littérature
A Connecticut yankee in King Arthur's court, Mark Twain. Revised version of . Transcribed from Vol. XVI of The writings of Mark Twain. -- New York : Harper & Brothers. -- Precise details concerning the date and edition used for this transcription were not supplied by the electronic compiler..

3 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Complete - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Épopée
“A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is an 1889 novel by American humorist and writer Mark Twain. The book was originally titled A Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Some early editions are titled A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur.

In it, a Yankee engineer from Connecticut is accidentally transported back in time to the court of King Arthur, where he fools the inhabitants of that time into thinking he is a magician—and soon uses his knowledge of modern technology to become a "magician" in earnest, stunning the English of the Early Middle Ages with such feats as demolitions, fireworks and the shoring up of a holy well. He attempts to modernize the past, but in the end he is unable to prevent the death of Arthur and an interdict against him by the Catholic Church of the time, which grows fearful of his power.

Twain wrote the book as a burlesque of Romanti

4 How to Love a Jamaican - Alexia Arthurs
Auteur : Alexia Arthurs
Genre : Lettres
'In this thrilling debut collection Alexia Arthurs is all too easy to love.' - Zadie Smith

Tenderness and cruelty, loyalty and betrayal, ambition and regret – these are the tensions at the heart of Alexia Arthurs’ debut book about Jamaican immigrants and their families back home. Some stories ask big questions about the things that define a person, others explode small moments of deep significance and lasting effect. Sweeping from close-knit island communities to the streets of New York City, How to Love a Jamaican offers a portrait of a nation, a people, and a way of life.

Vibrant, lyrical and intimate, this collection of eleven short stories shows Alexia Arthurs to be one of the most dynamic and exciting young authors writing today. It includes the story ‘Bad Behavior’, for which she won the Paris Review’s Plimpton Prize.

5 Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court": A Discussion Guide - David Bruce
Auteur : David Bruce
Genre : Arts et disciplines linguistiques
This book uses a question-and-answer format. It poses, then answers, relevant questions about Mark Twain, background information, and "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court." This book goes through "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court" chapter by chapter.

Teachers may find this book useful as a discussion guide for the novel. Teachers can have students read chapters from the novel, then teachers can ask students selected questions from this book.
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7 After Love Leaves - Michelle Alstead
Auteur : Michelle Alstead
Genre : Famille
Zoe O’Laughlin was used to living unseen in the shadow of others—first, her seemingly perfect mother and then her gorgeous best friend, Charlie. When she met Brad Sorenson, Zoe was convinced her bad luck had finally changed. He saw past her insecurities and the Oreo addiction she just couldn’t shake, inspiring her to chase her dreams. 

Brad was looking for a good time online, not love. But Zoe was so sweet, so kind. Everything about her was perfect—until she fell for him. Doesn’t she understand he’s the wrong guy for a woman like her? 

Zoe doesn’t know why Brad left her standing in an airport; he won’t return her calls or texts. With her self-esteem and dreams shattered, she can’t imagine ever loving anyone else… 

When a devastating diagnosis changes Brad’s life forever, he’s forced to finally face the truth: ther

8 AOD DOA - Paul Arthurs & Phoebe Arthurs
Auteur : Paul Arthurs & Phoebe Arthurs
Genre : Romans et littérature
When you die, your guardian angel appears next to your soul and escorts you to Heaven. Usually. If an Angel of Death is also required, they show up and do the job. Usually.
Rhodes was a twenty-something part-time librarian. Jericho was a three-thousand-something full-time avenging angel. Classic boy meets girl.
But now Heaven is recruiting a new Grim Reaper in the battle of Good versus Evil. Rhodes has to learn the ropes before the Legions of Hell attack.
But his trainer is serving a penance for conduct unbecoming an angel. His would-be recruiter unwittingly drops a house on him. And a jealous angel is gunning for him in a lethal love triangle.
When you die you go to Heaven, instead of becoming a Grim Reaper, escorting souls to Heaven, falling in love, and battling demons. Usually.

9 Crash Cultures - Jane Arthurs & Iain Grant
Auteur : Jane Arthurs & Iain Grant
Genre : Sciences sociales
Since Diana's car crash in August 1997, media interest in the crash as an event needing explanation has proliferated. A glut of documentaries on television have investigated the social and scientific history of our responses to the car crash, as well as showing the personal impact of the crash on individual lives. In trying to+J16 give meaning to one celebrity crash, the more general significance of the car crash, its challenge to rational control or explanation, its disregard for the subject and its will, became the focus for attention. Coincidentally, the two most newsworthy films of 1997 were David Cronenberg's Crash and James Cameron's Titanic, both of which generated intense popular interest. The principal purpose of this collection of essays is to subject texts, within which crashes figure, to well-defined cultural study. The themes that emerge from this collection, whi

10 Last Round Arthurs, Vol. 1 (manga) - Taro Hitsuji & Kiyotaka Haimura
Auteur : Taro Hitsuji & Kiyotaka Haimura
Genre : Autre
When Rintarou Magami, a teenage know-it-all, sets his heart on something, he always follows through-even if it involves joining forces with the weakest candidate, Luna Artur, in the upcoming battle to become King Arthur's successor. Well, he might have underestimated the extent of Luna's incompetency... but no one could have guessed she would pawn off her one and only Excalibur for cash!

11 Last Round Arthurs, Vol. 2 (light novel) - Taro Hitsuji & Kiyotaka Haimura
Auteur : Taro Hitsuji & Kiyotaka Haimura
Genre : Fantasy
In preparation of the King Arthur Succession Battle, Rintarou suggests that Luna come live with him--only for this money-hungry moocher to squander his life savings on an estate! That's when they encounter another candidate vying for the throne: Ema Michelle, Rintarou's former pupil. After witnessing Luna's cash-grubbing ways, Ema challenges her to see who should stay by Rintarou's side!

12 Russell Brand: Comedy, Celebrity, Politics - Jane Arthurs & Ben Little
Auteur : Jane Arthurs & Ben Little
Genre : Arts du spectacle
'This is a fantastically exciting book, one which both forensically interrogates the cultural significance of Brand as a comedian but which also places him at the heart of a much bigger intellectual narrative about comic celebrity and its increasing impact on contemporary British politics.' 
-Sam Friedman, London School of Economics and author of Comedy and Distinction: The Cultural Currency of a 'Good' Sense of Humour

'How can a celebrity of global stature ‘transform public debate, become an established symbol of activist politics, and then seem to vanish almost without trace’? Arthurs and Little’s remarkable new book tackles this question with transdisciplinary lucidity, unpacking the many meanings of Russell Brand, situating the maverick trickster in broader context, and in the process offering a vibrant and vital resource for all those who want

13 Uziness - Hyacinthe Arthurs, Karo Pauwels & Xavier Piqué
Auteur : Hyacinthe Arthurs, Karo Pauwels & Xavier Piqué
Genre : Photographie
Quatre lieux symboliques ont été choisis pour leur esthétique particulière et pour la forte charge de mystère qui les habite: le charbonnage du Hasard à Cheratte, Les coqueries d'Anderlues, Les forges de Clabecq, et le site de Monceau, véritable cimetière de locomotives SNCB. Quatre sites témoins d'une activité industrielle intense qu'a connue l'Europe au siècle passé. Les restes pollués d'un mode de production et de vie à présent développé à l'Est, en Russie, en Asie et dans certains pays du Sud. Et une question au final: pourquoi ces bâtiments restent-ils là?

14 The Politics of Everyday Life in Fascist Italy - Joshua Arthurs, Michael Ebner & Kate Ferris
Auteur : Joshua Arthurs, Michael Ebner & Kate Ferris
Genre : Europe
This book explores the complex ways in which people lived and worked within the confines of Benito Mussolini’s regime in Italy, variously embracing, appropriating, accommodating and avoiding the regime’s incursions into everyday life. The contributions highlight the experiences of ordinary Italians – midwives and schoolchildren, colonists and soldiers – over the course of the Fascist era, in settings ranging from the street to the farm, and from the kitchen to the police station. At the same time, this volume also provides a framework for understanding the Italian experience in relation to other totalitarian dictatorships in twentieth-century Europe and beyond.

15 How to Love a Jamaican - Alexia Arthurs
Auteur : Alexia Arthurs
Genre : Lettres
“In these kaleidoscopic stories of Jamaica and its diaspora we hear many voices at once. All of them convince and sing. All of them shine.”—Zadie Smith

An O: The Oprah Magazine “Top 15 Best of the Year” • A Well-Read Black Girl Pick

Tenderness and cruelty, loyalty and betrayal, ambition and regret—Alexia Arthurs navigates these tensions to extraordinary effect in her debut collection about Jamaican immigrants and their families back home. Sweeping from close-knit island communities to the streets of New York City and midwestern university towns, these eleven stories form a portrait of a nation, a people, and a way of life.

In “Light-Skinned Girls and Kelly Rowlands,” an NYU student befriends a fellow Jamaican whose privileged West Coast upbringing has blinded her to the hard realities

16 Excavating Modernity - Joshua Arthurs
Auteur : Joshua Arthurs
Genre : Europe
The cultural and material legacies of the Roman Republic and Empire in evidence throughout Rome have made it the “Eternal City.” Too often, however, this patrimony has caused Rome to be seen as static and antique, insulated from the transformations of the modern world. In Excavating Modernity, Joshua Arthurs dramatically revises this perception, arguing that as both place and idea, Rome was strongly shaped by a radical vision of modernity imposed by Mussolini’s regime between the two world wars.

Italian Fascism’s appropriation of the Roman past-the idea of Rome, or romanità- encapsulated the Fascist virtues of discipline, hierarchy, and order; the Fascist “new man” was modeled on the Roman legionary, the epitome of the virile citizen-soldier. This vision of modernity also transcended Italy’s borders, with the Roman Empire providing a foundation fo

17 Extraterritoriality by Other Means: How Labor Law Sneaks Across Borders, Conquers Minds, And Controls Workplaces Abroad - Harry Arthurs
Auteur : Harry Arthurs
Genre : Droit
INTRODUCTION Labor lawyers generally believe that each country's labor law, for better or worse, expresses its fundamental values and reflects its historic experience; that states can neither import nor export labor law because of the unique characteristics of each country s legal and industrial relations systems; (1) and that the doctrine of extraterritoriality (2) shields each state's labor law from the intrusion of others, thus ensuring that each can pursue its social and economic development in the manner it thinks best. While labor lawyers who hold these views are genuinely respectful of national sovereignty, some also chafe under its restrictions. They believe that the extraterritoriality doctrine unduly limits the capacity of a state to protect the labor rights of its own citizens while they are employed abroad. They are also concerned that a state cannot punish the businesses

18 Crash Cultures - Arthurs,Jane
Auteur : Arthurs,Jane
Genre : Sciences sociales
Since Diana's car crash in August 1997, media interest in the crash as an event needing explanation has proliferated. A glut of documentaries on television have investigated the social and scientific history of our responses to the car crash, as well as showing the personal impact of the crash on individual lives.

19 Predicando con variedad - Jeffrey D. Arthurs
Auteur : Jeffrey D. Arthurs
Genre : Christianisme
Los pastores aprenderán a ampliar su repertorio con sermones creativos, interesantes y relevantes.
Predicando con variedad revela cómo los pastores pueden predicar de forma creativa utilizando la dinámica de seis estilos literarios encontrados en la Biblia. Cada capítulo incluye sugerencias prácticas y termina con una lista de comprobación rápida para que los predicadores la consideren cuando predican con cada uno de los seis estilos literarios.
Pastors will learn how to expand their repertoire of creative, interesting, and relevant sermons.
Preaching with Variety reveals how pastors can preach creatively by borrowing the dynamics of six genres or forms found in the Bible. Each chapter includes practical "Try this" suggestions and ends with a quick checklist for preachers to consider when preaching from each of the six genres.

20 Assault - Paul Arthurs
Auteur : Paul Arthurs
Genre : SF et fantasy
Commodore Arthur Laner and the crew of Peregrine have driven the remnants of the Ja-jee invasion fleet from the Brasilia star system, but it has been a pyrrhic victory. The missile carrier fleet and Swarm fleet are gone. Brasilia is smashed. And the Ja-gee will be back, worse than ever before.
Laner and Peregrine must rescue survivors, establish a new base, make salvage into starships, and train the battle groups that will carry the fight to the Ja-gee.
That would have been too much as it is.
But unlocking the secrets of a captured Ja-gee juggernaught poses more questions than it answers. Assassins wait around every corner. Nepotism puts incompetent officers in critical posts. And the Ja-gee are making their own preparations. Can Humanity survive, or is Laner just delaying the inevitable?

21 Taming Mr. Know-It-All - Nia Arthurs
Auteur : Nia Arthurs
Genre : Romance
Susan Bevans is intimately acquainted with heartbreak and betrayal. For a change of scenery, she pursues a new direction in the beautiful country of Belize. For a change of heart, she agrees to a hare-brained scheme involving fake fun, fake dates, and fake kisses. It's all just pretend.

Or is it?

Archie Hamilton is more than the art on his skin and the beard on his face. And despite the pretenses, Susan is very close to losing her heart to him... for real. Can this L.A. baby tame the Know-It-All?

22 What Jane Taught Me - Nicola Tamara Arthurs
Auteur : Nicola Tamara Arthurs
Genre : Romans et littérature
"What Jane Taught Me" takes the reader into the mind of married, stay-at-home mom currently settled into the type of life she once avoided, but on her own terms. Surrounded by white houses, evening book clubs and well-kept lawns, she lives the good life, far removed from many of the issues a lot of women face. Her marriage is good and her children are healthy, but she harbors a secret that could easily cause her perfect life to crumble if she lets it, and this is just what Jane forces her to deal with.

Jane is a hardworking, stay-at-home mother of four with a husband who drinks like a sailor, swears like a trucker and beats her like a pro-wrestler. The fruit of a better time, the marriage is all but over when Jane makes the news for attempted spousal murder. Her story becomes the debate of the night for a weekly book club meeting filled with housewives flying their traps, but

23 Miracles Along The Way - Finella G. Arthurs
Auteur : Finella G. Arthurs
Genre : Religion et spiritualité
This book relates a personal testimony of Gods care and protection in the life of the author. Throughout the pages she illustrates events of how God intervened and transformed what couldve been negative of even fatal results into positive ones, and how God has used her to minister to his hurting children. It reminds the reader that we are always in the presence of God. Theres nothing private in our lives that God does not know. He is patient, kind merciful and forgiving. God is our Father, and He wants us to have a relationship with Him. One way to show Gods love to us is to give that love away.

24 Taming Mr. Darcy - Nia Arthurs
Auteur : Nia Arthurs
Genre : Littérature noire-américaine
The only thing Alexi Reyes and her big sister Melody have in common is their love for chocolate and ice cream. Where Melody goes out of her way to be friendly, Lexi prefers the solitude of her laptop and the quiet of her apartment. She's independent, cool, and confident. And she definitely doesn't need anybody to be happy. But hiding from the world doesn't shield her from falling in love. And Lexi is completely unprepared for the sensation.

Video game designer, Andrew Darcy, has the last name of a literary heartthrob and the looks to go with it. He's in Belize for a few weeks, helping out at the station that Lexi's working for. He's reserved and arrogant, and Lexi feels an immediate dislike. Until he reveals his true colors and she finds the red tones of his generosity and yellow bursts of his kindness unendingly attractive. Lexi knows all there is to know about marriage and r

25 Defence - Paul Arthurs
Auteur : Paul Arthurs
Genre : SF et fantasy
Starship captain Arthur Laner and the crew of Peregrine are preparing for a hero's welcome. They have destroyed a Ja-gee task force, put a Ja-gee warship to flight, and rescued the crew of the exploration ship Raleigh. After towing a captured alien battleship hundreds of light years to Brasilia station, they ready to hand over their bounty to Defence.
But that would have been too tidy.
Subterfuge endangers the ship. Betrayal tears the crew apart. A high-level cover-up threatens the truth.
Then, as the Ja-gee and Human space fleets prepare for battle, Peregrine is sent away to a distant star on a secret mission that could decide the fate of Humanity.
Ship and crew are designated as expendable.
Even if Laner and his crew survive, there may not be an Interstellar Concordance to return to.

26 Write to Earn - Nicola Tamara Arthurs
Auteur : Nicola Tamara Arthurs
Genre : Ordinateurs
Every web content neophyte should dive into his or her new career with a level of certainty that greatly aids success. However, far too many novice freelance writers experience unnecessary pitfalls as they try to navigate the world of content writing, and for various reasons. Among these is the difficulty of finding simple, common sense advice that can get beginners informed and on their way in no time.

This is what "Write to Earn: A Beginner's Guide to Content Writing" offers. This eBook promises nothing but plain, in depth and useful advice that answers many of the questions new online writers need to be addressed. There are no pretences, no complicated breakdowns and no attempt at sounding like a Ph.D expert.

What You Get

Reading this eBook means you get simple, quality advice on how to pick, plan, research and write assignments/jobs. It also means tha

27 Taming Mr. Jerkface - Nia Arthurs
Auteur : Nia Arthurs
Genre : Littérature noire-américaine
Melody Reyes is on her first public relations assignment overseas. She's living life the only way she knows how, with one foot in the Kingdom and the other in the world. One divinely inspired encounter knocks her flat to the ground, literally. Melody finds herself swept off her feet by a hunky, Asian guy who is her opposite in nearly every way. 

She's a quirky girl from the Caribbean in the big city for the first time. He's a smooth, no-nonsense businessman helplessly drawn to her sincerity and weirdness. She blurts exactly what she's thinking and he keeps his cards close to the chest. He's close to perfect but not quite. Can this lively Belizean beauty tame the Jerkface?

28 Enforcement - Paul Arthurs
Auteur : Paul Arthurs
Genre : SF et fantasy
Ten years ago, starship captain Arthur Laner resigned from Enforcement, started a salvage business, and became a pirate.
Now, hundreds of light years from Earth, a Human exploration vessel and a Ja-gee warship meet for the first time. The results are disastrous, and the Interstellar Concordance is unprepared for the coming war with the Ja-gee Empire.
Laner is dragged back into Enforcement, even as his former comrades confront the Ja-gee and perish amidst the debris of their shattered starships.
Given a green crew and an unproven starship, Laner must bury his past and race to the Front, ever closer to confrontation with a seemingly unstoppable foe.

29 Scarlet (Out of Control Book 1) - Nia Arthurs
Auteur : Nia Arthurs
Genre : SF et fantasy
Our experiences shape our existence and memories hold the keys to our identities.

Scarlet Ruiz awakens in a hospital room with a gunshot wound to the side and six months worth of lost memories. While trying to make sense of the madness, Scarlet realizes that she can hear people talking without seeing them move their lips. She’s stronger than she looks but waking up with the ability to read minds is not something that Scarlet had ever seen coming. Immediately, she’s cast into a world of secrecy, shadows and intrigue.

Dr. Carter Mathews is a man of mystery. Cloaked in guilt, he prefers his own company and doesn’t let anyone close. Until he meets Scarlet. Carter willfully steps into her whirlwind of uncertainty and fear with his own agenda. He is determined to use Scarlet as bait to draw out the organization behind her memory loss. As he travels with Scarlet on a

30 Stop the Foolishness for Husbands - Paul Arthurs
Auteur : Paul Arthurs
Genre : Christianisme
Marriage can be a minefield of emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual obstacles and dangers, even for the most well-meaning couple. Many husbands go into this relationship with the best of intentions, but quickly fall prey to unhealthy, even toxic behaviors that threaten the foundation of their entire marriage.

Pastor Paul Arthurs draws on over 25 years of ministry and marriage counseling to design a step-by-step guide for husbands who want to save their marriage and transform their relationships with their wives—as well as their whole family and everyone else in their lives. Discover the dysfunctions that are holding you back as a godly man, and experience a whole new freedom that helps you fulfill the role of the husband God intended you to be!

31 The Spoken Word - Nicola Tamara Arthurs
Auteur : Nicola Tamara Arthurs
Genre : Romans et littérature
Short and poignant, The Spoken Word looks at a number of issues faced by some inner-city females who lack the protection that a strong support system provides. Although all forms of the family structures exist within the Jamaican inner-city, female-headed households tend to predominate; it is this reality that makes the extended family structure that can often consists of unrelated individuals banning together so important. In fact, for a newcomer with no help, the environment can be a corrosive and deadly one.

This is a reality Maxine soon realizes, and must live with as long as she remains there. It is also a reality that leads to her death long before she has any chance of escaping. But in the end victory is won, just not in a way she could have expected.

32 Stop the Foolishness for Wives - Fiona Arthurs
Auteur : Fiona Arthurs
Genre : Christianisme
Ladies, are you wondering why your once-thriving marriage is now suddenly on the rocks in stormy weather? It’s easy to put all the blame on your spouse when struggling in your union, but author and marriage therapist Fiona Arthurs is here to shine a light on the subtle, yet destructive behaviors women often engage in that lead to pain and chaos with their husbands.
In Stop the Foolishness, Fiona reveals the dangerous and deceptive behavior patterns that can be found in almost every marriage—but must be exposed and banished if you want to save your relationship!
Often, these patterns are unintentional and completely overlooked until the damage is done. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Claim a healthy, growing marriage inspired by Scripture and God’s vision for a blessed union.

33 Taming Mr. Charming - Nia Arthurs
Auteur : Nia Arthurs
Genre : Littérature noire-américaine
Mia Johnson is a girl with a past, but she's never let her past define her and she isn't about to start now. She has her eyes set on the future, a future where the perfect black Prince Charming will come rescue her and whisk her off to enjoy the love of a lifetime. 

There's only one problem.

Peyton Lowry, Spencer Braden's handsome business partner, is constantly getting under her skin. Will he be able to break down her walls and give her the fairy tale ending she never knew she wanted? Or will prejudice and insecurities keep her from taming the right Mr. Charming?

34 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Classiques
"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" is Mark Twain's classic tale of Hank Morgan, a resident of 19th century Hartford Connecticut who is inexplicably transported to the early medieval England of King Arthur. A classic satire, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" pokes fun at the romanticized notions of chivalry and the idealization of the middle ages. A delightful and enchanting tale, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" shows Twain at his satirical best.

35 A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Romans et littérature
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
Mark Twain, american author and humorist (1835-1910)

This ebook presents «A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court», from Mark Twain. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.


36 King Arthur's Socks and Other Village Plays - Floyd Dell
Auteur : Floyd Dell
Genre : Arts du spectacle
Another classic converted by plays, with one exception, were written in Greenwich Village, and, with another exception, first performed there – some at the old Liberal Club, and others by the Provincetown Players. They are souvenirs of an intellectual play-time which, being dead, deserves some not-too-solemn memorial.

37 The Quest For Arthur's Britain - Geoffrey Ashe
Auteur : Geoffrey Ashe
Genre : Histoire
The legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table dominates the mythology of Britain, but could this story prove more fact than fiction? Recent archaeological findings have lead Geoffrey Ashe to believe there is more truth to Arthurian legend than previously accepted. The Quest for Arthur's Britain examines the historical foundation of the Arthurian tradition, and presents the remarkable results of excavations to date at Cadbury (reputed site of Camelot), Tintagel, Glastonbury and many places known almost exclusively to Arthurian scholars.

38 King Arthur's Well, Llanddeiniolen, near Caernarvon, with a description of British and Druidical remains in the neighbourhood. - Arthur Wynn Williams
Auteur : Arthur Wynn Williams
Genre : Europe
The HISTORY OF BRITAIN & IRELAND collection includes books from the British Library digitised by Microsoft. As well as historical works, this collection includes geographies, travelogues, and titles covering periods of competition and cooperation among the people of Great Britain and Ireland. Works also explore the countries’ relations with France, Germany, the Low Countries, Denmark, and Scandinavia.

Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Action et aventure
The ungentle laws and customs touched upon in this tale are historical, and the episodes which are used to illustrate them are also historical.  It is not pretended that these laws and customs existed in England in the sixth century; no, it is only pretended that inasmuch as they existed in the English and other civilizations of far later times, it is safe to consider that it is no libel upon the sixth century to suppose them to have been in practice in that day also.  One is quite justified in inferring that whatever one of these laws or customs was lacking in that remote time, its place was competently filled by a worse one.
  The question as to whether there is such a thing as divine right of kings is not settled in this book.  It was found too difficult. That the executive head of a nation should be a person of lofty character and extraordinary ability, was

40 Arthur's Off to School - Marc Brown
Auteur : Marc Brown
Genre : Roman
Everyone's favorite aardvark, Arthur, is back in this exciting reissue -- just in time for school!

Arthur and his friends are getting ready for school! Get a sneak peek at every character's morning routine, from Francine preparing for recess to the Brain searching for his lost lizard. D.W. wishes she could join in the fun, but she's still too young for school. Can she find her own way to help Arthur get ready?

Part of an exciting new seasonal 8x8 Arthur publishing re-release with Scholastic, sure to engage and delight a whole new generation of Arthur fans!

41 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain & Michael Clay Thompson
Auteur : Mark Twain & Michael Clay Thompson
Genre : Classiques
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is the first novel in Michael Clay Thompson's Time Trilogy. 
Thompson provides close-ups of poetic techniques, four-level analyses of interesting grammar, and comments about writing strategies. They all focus on the author’s writing technique while still keeping the child's mind on the book itself.

This is a novel with riches to spare, filled with Twain’s irrepressible relish for the English language, loaded with characters of all kinds, pervaded with irony. There are moments when the novel seems to be entirely humorous, and there are moments when the novel is horrifyingly prophetic, as in the final scenes that seem to be visions of the great world war to come, little more than a decade after the novel was published.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is no novel for the

42 Bohlen v. Arthurs - United States Supreme Court
Auteur : United States Supreme Court
Genre : Droit
Geo. Shiras, Jr., for plaintiff in error. John Dalzell, for defendant in error.

43 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Part 2. - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Classiques
This book is perfectly adapted for a pleasant reading on a digital reader.

44 Arthur's Hall (Fantasy and Horror Classics) - E. T. A. Hoffmann
Auteur : E. T. A. Hoffmann
Genre : Nouvelles
This early work by E. T. A. Hoffmann was originally published in 1816. Born in Königsberg, East Prussia in 1776, Hoffmann's family were all jurists, and during his youth he was initially encouraged to pursue a career in law. However, in his late teens Hoffman became increasingly interested in literature and philosophy, and spent much of his time reading German classicists and attending lectures by, amongst others, Immanuel Kant. Hoffman went on to produce a great range of both literary and musical works. Probably Hoffman's most well-known story, produced in 1816, is 'The Nutcracker and the Mouse King', due to the fact that - some seventy-six years later - it inspired Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker. In the same vein, his story 'The Sandman' provided both the inspiration for Léo Delibes's ballet Coppélia, and the basis for a highly influential essay

45 King Arthur's Knights - Henry Gilbert
Auteur : Henry Gilbert
Genre : Romans et littérature
This book is an attempt to tell some of the stories of King Arthur and his Knights in a way which will be interesting to every boy and girl who loves adventures.
Although tales of these old British heroes have been published before in a form intended for young people, it is believed that they have never been related quite in the same spirit nor from the same point of view; and it is hoped that the book will fill a place hitherto vacant in the hearts of all boys and girls.
No doubt many of you, my young readers, have at some time or another taken down the Morte D'Arthur from your father's bookshelves and read a few pages of it here and there. But I doubt if any of you have ever gone very far in the volume. You found generally, I think, that it was written in a puzzling, old-fashioned language, that though it spoke of many interesting things, and seemed that it ought to b

46 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Romans et littérature
One of the greatest satires in American literature, Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court begins when Hank Morgan, a skilled mechanic in a nineteenth-century New England arms factory, is struck on the head during a quarrel and awakens to find himself among the knights and magicians of King Arthur’s Camelot. The ‘Yankee’ vows brashly to "boss the whole country inside of three weeks" and embarks on an ambitious plan to modernize Camelot with 19th c. industrial inventions like electricity and gunfire. It isn’t long before all hell breaks loose! Written in 1889, Mark Twain's novel is one of literature’s first genre mash-ups and one of the first works to feature time travel. It is one of the best known Twain stories, and also one of his most unique. Twain uses the story concept to launch a social commentary on contemporary society, a thinly veiled critique of

47 Arthur's Return - Duncan Wallace
Auteur : Duncan Wallace
Genre : Action et aventure
Ever wondered what it would be like to finish school early and head off into the wider world in search of adventure? Well, this is exactly what Arthur decides to do.
Though happy and content in the stillness and quiet of his home surroundings, Arthur knows he must explore.
Arthur’s Return charts the outward egress and inward ingress of a young man on a mission to find himself and discover new things. He sets off almost without thinking and once he is on his way, he continues and each step forward makes for an increase in pace and drama. He packs in relationships and interaction with others wherever the road takes him. He is also involved with what is going on around him. There is a sort of otherworldliness that impinges on day to day practicality in the form of the people he sees or meets which he hears in a semi visionary way - then the adventure really starts and it seems l

48 King Arthur’s Ghost - Kamalesh Sharda
Auteur : Kamalesh Sharda
Genre : Romans et littérature
John Lancaster, a Knight of The Round Table, was a confidant of King Arthur who had gifted him The Sword Excalibur to recognize his loyalty and contribution to numerous campaigns. The creed of patriotism was passed on through the two thousand years to John’s descendants. The dream to make England great again was kept alive to the Modern Times. This family believed that The Crown was unfairly taken by force away from their ancestors and the seat of power was deceptively moved to London from The City of York. Lord Headingly, descendant of John Lancaster, felt that the conditions were ripe to restore the power back to The City of York. The two thousand year old under ground movement resurfaces financed by Headingly’s business empire. A new political party, The Celtic Party, is launched. Frustrated citizens looking for a change bring The Celtic Party to power. The popular momentum carri

49 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court: (illustrated) - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Action et aventure
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is an 1889 novel by American humorist and writer Mark Twain. The book was originally titled A Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Some early editions are titled A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur.

50 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain
Auteur : Mark Twain
Genre : Classiques
In this classic satiric novel, published in 1889, Hank Morgan, a supervisor in a Connecticut gun factory, falls unconscious after being whacked on the head. When he wakes up he finds himself in Britain in 528 — where he is immediately captured, hauled back to Camelot to be exhibited before the knights of King Arthur's Round Table, and sentenced to death. Things are not looking good.
But Hank is a quick-witted and enterprising fellow, and in the process of saving his life he turns himself into a celebrity of the highest magnitude. His Yankee ingenuity and knowledge of the world beyond the Dark Ages are regarded as the most powerful sorcery — winning him a position of prime minister as well as the eternal enmity of a jealous Merlin. In an effort to bring democratic principles and mechanical knowledge to the kingdom, Hank introduces newspapers, telephones, bicycles, and other mode
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