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1 General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark - Peter E. Davies
Auteur : Peter E. Davies
Genre : Militaire
Despite its uncertain start the F-111 proved to be one of the most successful and influential designs of the 1960s. Its radical 'swing wing' was adopted by the F-14 Tomcat, Panavia Tornado and Rockwell B-1B Lancer while its turbofan-type engines became standard in many combat aircraft. F-111 crews pioneered tactics using terrain-following and laser targeting devices that made the F-15E Eagle's missions possible. Its 4,000 low-altitude penetration missions during Operation Linebacker in Vietnam showed how individual aircraft can deliver crippling blows to enemy capability without loss to themselves. The recent retirement of the F-111 from Australian service appears to have created a surge of interest in the type, which hasn't been featured in previous Osprey works.

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2 The Aardvark's Nose - Warren Ackhurst & Janice Lazzarich
Auteur : Warren Ackhurst & Janice Lazzarich
Genre : Animaux
In a beautiful valley, in a beautiful land, lay a paradise that belonged to the animals. For many years nothing had ever gone wrong. The forests were thick with trees. The plains were thick with grass. A mighty river ran through the valley and water was everywhere. All the animals were friends. Gaby the Giraffe talked to Zanti the Zebra. Luke the Lion and Dominic the Duiker walked side by side. Ester the Elephant swam with Clive the Crocodile. This was Paradise.

4,99 €

3 Aardvarks in the Clouds and Other Flights of Fancy - John Howard Reid
Auteur : John Howard Reid
Genre : Humour
Prizewinning poet, John Howard Reid, feels that humorous poetry is more effective if it is enlivened with clever rhymes and follows some sort of metrical scheme, no matter how loose or amusingly inconsistent that meter may be. In fact, Reid believes that humorous verse should have a cheeky look about it that adds to the fun. The more inventive a humorous poet is, the funnier his or her verses will be. The stanzas themselves should look enticingly amusing. All the poems in this anthology are new and were especially written for this book over a period of three years. Reid just loves to play around with words, but he knows when to restrain himself and just pen a rollicking but straightforward narrative. He has even re-worked a few traditional nursery rhymes and given them new faces. With its delightful mixture of both long and short poems, this book is intended mainly for adults. Children d

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4 Aardvarks to Planet X - Chris Troman
Auteur : Chris Troman
Genre : Nouvelles
Come on a journey through space, time, death and reality.
To learn what it truly is to be human, even when your not.
Revel in mankind’s greatest achievements, and bear witness to our darkest hours. Search for life at the ends of the universe, and beyond.
Drawing on the inspiration of classic science fiction books, films and television.
All set to the backdrop, of a soundtrack for every generation.


5 From Aardvarks to Zooxanthellae - John C. Avise
Auteur : John C. Avise
Genre : Biologie
He’s a birder, and geneticist.His name is pronounced “Avis”,     With a silent “e”,     So that you can see:He’s an odd bird, slightly amiss!
Poetry is his hobby,In office or a lobby;     It keeps him sane,     And not too vainOr snobby.
ABOUT THE BOOKIt’s a textbook like no other,So why did Avise bother?     To achieve lasting fame,     And enhance his nameAs a great literary author!
Natural history and biologyFully covered from A to Z.     Humorous, delightful,     And wisely insightful,Sheer poetry!
ABOUT LIMERICKSSuch poems he hopes to transform…To a sublime and lofty art-form:     Clean, wise, funny,     Delightfully punny,And meant to biologically in

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6 Aardvarks to Zebras - Elizabeth Caldicott
Auteur : Elizabeth Caldicott
Genre : Animaux
Elizabeth lives in the coastal town of Goolwa in South Australia. She retired from teaching a few years ago. She is married, with a son, a daughter and six Grandchildren, Aaron, Corey, Hayley, Nicholas, Patrick and Tayla. This book grew from poems she wrote for her grandchildren living interstate. Her collection of poems grew in response to requests from her grandchildren to write poems for their friends, and from her own friends asking for poems for their grandchildren. Elizabeth's interests include gardening, quilting, reading, travel and photography so many of the photos and ideas for this book have drawn on her own experiences.

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8 'Aardvark' The F-111. - Richard Parker
Auteur : Richard Parker
Genre : Action et aventure
A photo book of EF/F-111's all taken at RAF Upper Heyford between 1986-1993.
The 20th TFW was a Fighter Bomber Wing of the USAFE
42nd ECS was a Sqn of EF-111A Based along side the F-111E.

1,99 €

9 It's an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World - Paula Danziger & Ann M. Martin
Auteur : Paula Danziger & Ann M. Martin
Genre : Famille et relations
A gorgeous new package for Paula Danziger’s backlist with an introduction from Ann Martin!

What could be better? Rosie and Phoebe have been best friends since they met on the Divorce Express, shuttling between their parents on weekends. Now Rosie’s mom and Phoebe’s dad have fallen in love, and they’re all mov­ing in together. Rosie has always dreamed of having a “real” family, but having Phoebe as a sister and having Phoebe as a best friend are two very different things. And having an extra parent around isn’t easy for anyone to get used to. It seemed like the perfect set­up, but can their friendship sur­vive in the same house?

Paula Danziger’s novels are hilarious, genuine, and full of dynamic female characters that have won the hearts of her readers and turned her books into beloved classics. These playful covers full of charming details

6,99 €

10 Arnie aardvark & Friends - Peggy Adams
Auteur : Peggy Adams
Genre : Roman
This is a special Children's ABC zoo book, This book is designed to educate children about the zoo animals. The book is narrated and it has been aired on Radio, and book Of the Month in July for Barnes & Noble

3,49 €

11 Can an Aardvark Bark? - Melissa Stewart
Auteur : Melissa Stewart
Genre : Animaux
From award-winning author Melissa Stewart and Caldecott honoree Steve Jenkins comes a noisy nonfiction exploration of the many sounds animals make.

Can an aardvark bark? No, but it can grunt. Lots of other animals grunt too…

Barks, grunts, squeals—animals make all kinds of sounds to communicate and express themselves. With a growling salamander and a whining porcupine, bellowing giraffes and laughing gorillas, this boisterous book is chock-full of fun and interesting facts and is sure to be a favorite of even the youngest animal enthusiasts.

10,99 €

12 Cape the Aardvark - Daniella Ann
Auteur : Daniella Ann
Genre : Roman
This is a heartwarming story about a lonely aardvark who learns about friendship and family. This is a book that everyone can enjoy.

4,99 €

13 Aardvark - Paul Ashford Harris
Auteur : Paul Ashford Harris
Genre : Romans et littérature
This book is a story loosely based around the remarkable life of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the chief of the Abwehr, German Military Intelligence, in WW2. It is not history; for history there are many books and articles exploring his life and tragic death. Some of the major characters names will be easily recognised but the rest are invented including the many meetings and discussions. The part of the story involving New Zealand and New Zealanders is also invented although the story of the McLeod family roughly follows the history of my own family. The purpose of the book is no more than to provide some enjoyment to readers for whom the subject holds interest and to pose some questions for which there are as yet no definitive answers.

7,99 €

14 Aardvark: Two Gentlemen, Two Wars - Paul Harris
Auteur : Paul Harris
Genre : Histoire
Based on the remarkable life of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, chief of the German Military Intelligence during WWII, Aardvark explores the extraordinary and enigmatic life and tragic death of one of the most significant, yet unknown, WWII heroes.

On the outside Harry Douglas is a simple New Zealand farmer, but a stint at Cambridge University studying German, sucks him into the murky nether world of counter intelligence and turns him into an agent – code name, Aardvark.

From an accidental but dramatic encounter, Harry meets and forms a very unique and life changing relationship with Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the future head of the German Military Intelligence, and personal confidant to Hitler.

Despite being on opposite side of the cataclysmic contest of WWII, Harry and Canaris form a real friendship and mutual respect. As the countries they loyally serve are e

14,99 €

15 Artie the Artistic Aardvark - Harry Highstreet
Auteur : Harry Highstreet
Genre : Romans
Artie is an Aardvark with three problems. He doesn't like ants. He is an artist without a studio. And, oil paints will not stick to his tongue. This is an A-word book in the Read Aloud Series.

6,49 €

16 AArdvark Tales - Julia Jenkins
Auteur : Julia Jenkins
Genre : Roman
AArdvark Tales - Children Stories & Poems - Book One is a combination of 'silly' stories that will entertain and spark your child's imagination, poems to reflect life's simple and sweet moments, the heroic adventures of three saints, plus riddles, tongue-twisters, jokes and knock-knocks.

1,49 €

17 Bobby the Aardvark - Sandra Wagner
Auteur : Sandra Wagner
Genre : Homosexualité
This is a transgender allegorical tale of a child who is magically transported to the world of aardvarks and must learn how to cope being in an such an alien land. This story tries to give a feeling of how trans people feel living cis-gendered world. The story idea came from the author's workshop called "Trans 101 - Trans Information for the Non-trans Community".

In the workshop she asks how they would feel if they woke up one day and they were an aardvark. They looked like an aardvark, they smelled like an aardvark and all the other aardvarks said they should just aardvark-up and get over it. This light hearted reference, devoid of any sexual connotation, was meant to get past the knee-jerk reaction most people had to words that had S-E-X or G-E-N-D-E-R in them.

Transgender people more often than not have their lives sensationalized or are treated as sexual deviant


18 Northern Insurance Co. v. Aardvark Associates Inc. - United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Auteur : United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Genre : Droit
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of two insurance companies and against Aardvark Associates, Inc., a hauler of industrial waste from whom the United States Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to recover costs for cleaning up waste disposal sites. Applying Pennsylvania law, the district court held that long-term pollution at the sites was not covered under Aardvarks general liability policies due to a standard clause excluding coverage for any discharge of pollution that is not "sudden and accidental." 743 F. Supp. 379 (W.D.Pa.). We will affirm.

0,99 €

19 The Aardvark and the Alien Goldmine - Shannon Cooper
Auteur : Shannon Cooper
Genre : Nouvelles
Creepy-crawlies, slime, tentacles, gravity, and FRICKEN LASERS, MAN. And that's BEFORE lift-off! Will Steve the Aardvark outwit his mysterious captors, or will his big mouth and voracious bodily functions spell his own doom? There's a lesson in here, somewhere. Wipe the slime off and you'll find it.

1,99 €

20 Aardvark is Angry - John Gorski
Auteur : John Gorski
Genre : Roman
This is the story of an aardvark who finds his day's events especially frustrating. But just when you think this aardvark will loose his temper, he discovers the little things in life can make everything better.

1,99 €

21 Morgan's Giraffe - Lauren R. Bamberger & Aardvark J. Decoy
Auteur : Lauren R. Bamberger & Aardvark J. Decoy
Genre : Animaux
"Morgan's Giraffe" is a lighthearted, fun book for young children. For early readers (5-8) or to be read aloud to young children (0-6). Morgan loves giraffes and decides she'd like a real one for her birthday. Go on this adventure with Morgan to see what it would be like to have a real giraffe and learn a fun lesson with her.

4,99 €

22 Twisted Tales - Raging Aardvark Publishing
Auteur : Raging Aardvark Publishing
Genre : Romans et littérature
Twisted Tales is an anthology of short, sweet story snippets which have the ability to tempt the imagination, tantalise a reader and pose questions. This collection explores the twisted existence of love, family and relationships as characters seek a sense of self and identity. It is filled with a mixture of stories, some which will make you think, others smile and tales which will have you reaching for your security blanket.


23 Roman Labyrinth - Oleg Zhigankov
Auteur : Oleg Zhigankov
Genre : Histoire
Over a billion of people around the world refer to Rome every time they pronounce their religious affiliation. Many more admire the Eternal City for its beauty and inexhaustible secrets. Roman Labyrinth is the historical/action, mystery/suspense novel that discloses some of the shocking links between the past, and the present. As a professor of Religious History specializing in medieval studies I present the story with historical accuracy, and as a former journalist I do my best to grasps people’s attention. This book will interest the educated as well as the young for it is written in a simple, straight-forward style.

2,99 €

24 How to Eat & Live Longer - Reginald J Eadie, M.D.
Auteur : Reginald J Eadie, M.D.
Genre : Forme et santé
Dr. Eadie gets your family up and moving while teaching you the What, When, Where and How's about eating. This book gives you all of this with a special spiritual twist like no other book has done before.

8,49 €

25 Shy - Deborah Freedman
Auteur : Deborah Freedman
Genre : Questions sociales
A dazzlingly beautiful book about shyness from the author of Blue Chicken, The Story of Fish and Snail, and By Mouse and Frog!

Shy loves birds. He'd love to watch them fly and hear them sing, but he's only ever read about them in books. . .until a real bird comes along.  He's dying to meet her, but there's just one problem:  Shy is, well, shy--so shy, in fact, that he's afraid to leave the gutter of the book.  Can Shy overcome his fears and venture out onto the page?  This sweetly relatable picture book from the acclaimed Deborah Freedman speaks to every child who's ever felt like hiding instead of facing the daunting world.

8,99 €

26 A Compendium of Collective Nouns - Woop Studios
Auteur : Woop Studios
Genre : Dictionnaires et thésaurus
This illustrated guide compiles over 2,000 collective nouns and brings them to life in stunningly colorful, graphic artwork from the design dynamos at Woop Studios. Chock-full of treasures of the English language, the diversity of terms collected here covers topics from plants and animals (a parade of elephants, an embarrassment of pandas) to people and things (a pomposity of professors, an exultation of fireworks) and range from the familiar (a pride of lions) to the downright obscure (an ooze of amoebas). Pronunciations, definitions, etymologies, and historical anecdotes make this beautiful book an entertaining read, a standout reference, and a visual treat. Language lovers and art appreciators alike will be captivated by this gem, rich in word and image.

16,99 €

27 The Mind of War - Grant Hammond
Auteur : Grant Hammond
Genre : Biographies et mémoires
The ideas of US Air Force Colonel John Boyd have transformed American military policy and practice. A first-rate fighter pilot and a self-taught scholar, he wrote the first manual on jet aerial combat; spearheaded the design of both of the Air Force's premier fighters, the F-15 and the F-16; and shaped the tactics that saved lives during the Vietnam War and the strategies that won the Gulf War. Many of America's best-known military and political leaders consulted Boyd on matters of technology, strategy, and theory.

In The Mind of War, Grant T. Hammond offers the first complete portrait of John Boyd, his groundbreaking ideas, and his enduring legacy. Based on extensive interviews with Boyd and those who knew him as well as on a close analysis of Boyd's briefings, this intellectual biography brings the work of an extraordinary thinker to a broader public.

13,99 €

28 Michael's Reward - Mario Bernheim
Auteur : Mario Bernheim
Genre : Religion
Michael, is a wealthy executive who gives his church going family an abundant lifestyle, and is a faithful lover of God. Satan notices Michael and contests God that Michael only loves Him for His gifts, and that if they were taken away, Michael would course God. Over the next month, he loses his children, job, house, wife, and all his assets. He is forced into homelessness because of the boils over his body. But he never loses his faith. After appearing to him, God restores Michael to an even more abundant life, and he lives a long and prosperous life.

9,99 €

29 Maxims, Morals, and Metaphors - Scott Chou
Auteur : Scott Chou
Genre : PMI et entreprenariat
A humorous and profound compilation of business metaphors assembled to teach the art of venture capital

2,99 €

30 Implementing Dynamics NAV - Norbert Donnelly
Auteur : Norbert Donnelly
Genre : Secteurs et professions
This book was written for those that are in the process of purchasing or implementing Dynamics NAV. The book discusses the implementation process in detail and explains the differences between project management methodologies. It clearly defines the steps in the implementation cycle and provides the reader with the knowledge to insure they are using the method that suites their organization and implementation. The book teaches how to use key indicators to determine if their project is at risk and how to take steps to bring the project back on track. Implementing Dynamics NAV improves your odds of a successful implementation through knowledge and learning from the experience of those that have already made the journey.

29,99 €
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